PC Magazine: Apple shows the world how upgrades should be done with iPhone

“Never mind the cut and paste. Never mind the picture messaging, or all the other stuff… The most radical thing Apple said at the iPhone 3.0 software release was: ‘The upgrade will be available for free, this summer, to all iPhone owners,'” Sascha Segan writes for PC Magazine.

Segan writes, “Why can’t any other smart phone vendors do this?”

MacDailyNews Take: Because they sat on their laurels for years, didn’t work anywhere near hard enough on their businesses (golf games are another story), and they got their outclassed asses steamrolled by a proven serial innovator who sweats the most minute details, that’s why.

Segan continues, “Apple’s upgrade strategy helps their users and the company in a bunch of different ways. It lets users buy iPhones with some confidence, knowing that they’re not going to get left behind next year. It lets developers aim at the latest platform, without having to worry about supporting the older versions of the iPhone OS. And it keeps users with Apple because they don’t enter a new buying cycle, thinking of new choices and potentially churning off to the latest new thing.”

“It looks like other smart phone OS companies want to issue updates – they just can’t, for some reason,” Segan writes. “Take RIM. Like Apple, RIM controls both their hardware and their operating system. So you’d think that pushing out juicy new updates to keep BlackBerrys fresh would be relatively easy. But no; BlackBerry updates typically fall into a black hole of ‘carrier approval processes’ for months at a time, trickling out carrier by carrier and model by model, unheralded and poorly understood. RIM claims that these delays are inevitable when you work with carriers, but Apple works with carriers. Apple works with more than 100 carriers. They don’t have this problem.”

MacDailyNews Take: We fired off a text message to RIM, but all we’ve gotten back so far is: N click O click SPACE click C click O click M click M click

Segan continues, “Microsoft is in an even worse state. Not only do they also say they’re held up by carriers, they can’t seem to hit their own development milestones, and they have trouble telling a clear story about when new versions of their software will be available.”

Segan writes, “Apple’s smooth, clean, clear upgrade process shows why the iPhone is so popular, and why it has so much momentum. It’s not about the features; Apple has once again shown that they’re a step ahead in terms of making software more usable.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Change “a step” to “miles” and you’ll find yourself much closer to the truth.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Nathan” for the heads up and to “StormTard” for idea for the clicky Take above.]

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