Top 10 good and not-so-good surprises in Apple’s all-new 3G iPod shuffle

“Today, the iPod shuffle evolved for the third time, losing all of its buttons in favor of a remote-laden pair of earphones like the ones we’ve previously reviewed for 2008 iPods; it also gained VoiceOver, the ability to speak song titles and let you change playlists, a first for the shuffle,” Jeremy Horwitz writes for iLounge.

“There are 10 important points—half positive, half negative—that you should know about what the new shuffle means for the iPod family,” Horwitz writes.

Top 10 good and bad surprises in Apple’s all-new 3G iPod shuffle:

The Good:

10. Black! Finally! Sort Of
9. Podcasts
8. Goodbye, Chunky Dock
7. It Works With Apple’s Recent Remote Headphones
6. The Size

The Not-So-Good:

5. It’s The First iPod That Won’t (Yet) Work With Your Car or Home Stereo
4. It’s The First iPod That You Can’t (Yet) Use Fully With Non-Apple Earphones
3. Price Point Changes (entry price increase from $49 to $79)
2. Battery Life Drop
1. The Clip (Hopefully the reflective rear clip will prove to be less scratchable than the backs of iPod classics and touches)

All 10 points discussed in more detail in the full article here.

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