The highest and lowest rated leaders in tech: Apple CEO Steve Jobs tops list with 90% approval

“When I looked up technology executives on to see how they were rated by their employees, I was surprised at how they naturally divided themselves into two groups. I picked 14 leaders and they ended up dividing evenly between seven rated 62% or higher and seven rated 48% or lower,” Jason Hiner blogs for ZDNet. “Before we dive into the list, keep in mind that is not scientific, but it is statistically significant (because nearly all of these tech companies have over 100 responses). The data is based on anonymous feedback from employees, who self-select themselves to participate.”

• Steve Jobs, Apple: Approval: 90%, Company Rating: 3.8
• Eric Schmidt, Google: Approval: 88%, Company Rating: 4.0
• John Chambers, Cisco: Approval: 78%, Company Rating: 3.6
• Mark Benioff, Approval: 73%, Company Rating: 3.7
• Jim Balsillie, RIM: Approval: 70%, Company Rating: 3.8
• Larry Ellison, Oracle: Approval: 63%, Company Rating: 3.2
• Paul Otellini, Intel: Approval: 62%, Company Rating: 3.5

• Michael Dell, Dell: Approval: 48%, Company Rating: 3.0
• Steve Ballmer, Microsoft: Approval: 44%, Company Rating: 3.7
• Sam Palmisano, IBM: Approval: 42%, Company Rating: 3.2
• Mark Hurd, Hewlett-Packard: Approval: 41%, Company Rating: 2.8
• Ed Colligan, Palm: Approval: 36%, Company Rating: 3.2
• Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems: Approval: 25%, Company Rating: 3.1
• Greg Brown, Motorola: Approval: 10%, Company Rating: 2.6

Hiner writes, “It’s not surprising that Steve Jobs (right) is at the top of the list. He and Apple have been on an amazing run over the past decade with the rise of the iPod and iTunes, the resurgence of the Mac, and of course, the launch of the iPhone. Plus, he is an almost cult-like leader who inspires–and requires–absolute loyalty.”

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