CNET: And the best e-reader for Apple iPhone and iPod touch is… Stanza

“By now, you know you don’t need a Kindle 2 to read books electronically. You can use the new Kindle for iPhone app,” Don Reisinger writes for CNET. “But Kindle’s not the only way to read books on a iPhone or iPod Touch [sic.”

Reisinger writes that there are two other readers well worth checking out:

eReader: The selection of books offered in eReader is outstanding. Believe it or not, there are over 60,000 titles available to purchase, which include authors ranging from Stephen King to Howard Stern. And much like Stanza, you can buy those titles from If you don’t want to pay for the books, you can get some titles for free from Project Gutenberg. Regardless of whether you want new titles like Artie Lange’s “Too Fat to Fish” or classics like “Romeo and Juliet,” eReader has it all.

• Stanza: The most-downloaded eBook app on the App Store and it gets that prize for good reason: it’s the best application in this roundup… Reading eBooks in Stanza is easily the most appealing when compared with its competitors… [It’s] an outstanding experience (for free, no less) that you definitely should try out in place of Amazon’s device.

Kindle for iPhone: Reading books on the Kindle app was appealing, and I was generally impressed with the experience. Amazon did a nice job of making the iPhone feel like the Kindle. Kindle for iPhone is free, so you won’t need to worry about dishing out any more cash than what’s necessary to buy books for the device. But since it’s difficult to buy those books and you can’t read newspapers, I’m hard-pressed to recommend this program.

The full article, in which Resinger also covers books as apps, is here.

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