Classic game ‘Earl Weaver Baseball’ coming to Apple iPhone and iPod touch

“For those of you who owned an Amiga… Eddie Dombrower and Dan Daglow’s Earl Weaver Baseball was and is the best baseball game ever made. Even now, no baseball game matches its physics model and player AI,” Jonah Falcon reports for Game Stooge.

“Well, fans of the game can rejoice – Dombrower is bringing it back, to the iPhone, as EWB Baseball,” Falcon reports. “Keep in mind, though, it’s [name is] not Earl Weaver Baseball exactly – it’s EWB (pronounced “yewb”) Baseball, because Earl Weaver owns the name licensing, so this is a spiritual successor. The engine, which Dombrower does own, is all Earl Weaver Baseball, however. Everything the original can do, EWBB can do, and better, since a lot of modern conventions will be included, and some innovative features as well.

More info and many screenshots here.

[Attribution: CrunchGear. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]

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