Apple to debut ZFS first in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server

Apple Store“Apple’s expanded support for ZFS will premiere in Snow Leopard Server before trickling down to the desktop version, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans,” Prince McLean reports ror AppleInsider.

“Read-only support for the sophisticated new 128-bit file system, created by Sun and shared under its open source license, originally appeared in Mac OS X Leopard. It lacked the ability to create new ZFS pools or write data to them however, severely limiting it usefulness,” McLean reports.

“In Snow Leopard Server, sources familiar with the new software say Apple will not only include the latest build of ZFS for Mac OS X but will also expose ZFS features within the graphical Disk Utility, making it easier to set up ZFS storage pools and file systems without resorting to command line utilities. The Finder also needs to be made fully ZFS savvy, as does any other software that makes assumptions about the underlying file system,” McLean reports.

Full article here.

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