‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ starring Brad Pitt edited on Apple’s Final Cut Pro

Apple Store“‘I was born under unusual circumstances.’ Those opening words, spoken in voice-over narration by Brad Pitt, who plays the title character in David Fincher’s much anticipated—and already much heralded—new film, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,’ make a perfectly understated introduction to the stoical Button, but also to the epic movie in which Fincher has framed him,” Joe Cellini reports for Apple’s Hot News.

“Among the unusual circumstances surrounding the making of the film is that film figured so little in it,” Cellini reports. “Although nearly every major Hollywood movie of this size and budget is still made on film, “Button,” except for some high-speed and underwater sequences, was shot digitally on high-definition Thomson Viper cameras directly to hard drive, without ever touching tape, then captured into Apple’s Final Cut Pro for editing.”

Cellini reports, “Shooting this way allowed Fincher to bring film-like resolution to the screen without surrendering the speed and flexibility he could only achieve by building his movie entirely from data. And because Fincher had used the same workflow to create his critically acclaimed previous film ‘Zodiac,’ he was confident that it could be ratcheted up to meet the even greater narrative, technical, and logistical challenges of ‘Button.'”

“Early critical reaction to the film suggests he was certainly right,” Cellini reports. “‘Button,’ which opens Christmas Day, has been nominated for five Golden Globe awards; shortlisted by nearly every credible Oscar handicapper; and touted by at least one critic—who was moved to call it early—as ‘one of the best films of the decade.'”

There’s much more in the full article here.

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