Apple’s monster: iTunes App Store hits 500 million downloads and 15,000 apps milestones

“About six weeks ago, after reading the fine print on an Apple Inc. ad for its online applications download store, the App Store, I noticed some pretty stunning numbers: that Apple customers had downloaded 200 million apps since the store had opened, and 100 million apps in just six weeks,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“Well, here we are six weeks later, and once again the fine print on an App Store ad in today’s USA Today, Wall Street Journal and New York Times holds some hidden treasures,” Goldman reports. “Do the math and you’ll see that a total of 500 million apps have now been downloaded, or 200 million over the past six weeks, doubling the download pace of the preceding six weeks.”

Goldman reports, “Back on December 5, an ad stated that there were 10,000 apps available. Today, that figure has swelled to 15,000.”

“The potential of this store seems enormous, and its success seems to be gaining momentum far more quickly than even the most optimistic analysts out there projected,” Goldman reports. “This is the kind of fundamental that separates Apple from so many of its smart phone competitors.”

“Not all the Apps generate revenue. But that doesn’t matter. Free or not, App Store becomes just another reason for consumers to choose iPhone over BlackBerry and Palm and Nokia,” Goldman reports.

Full article here.

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