Analyst Roger Kay: ‘I think Steve Jobs has cancer… just look at the photos’

“In a letter to Apple staff on Wednesday, Jobs said he was taking a five-month medical leave because his health issues are ‘more complex than I originally thought,'” Brian X. Chen reports for Wired.

“In the note, Jobs promised to return to Apple in the summer, which many are hoping is true,” Chen reports.

“‘My bet is he’s not coming back,’ said Roger Kay, an Endpoint Technologies analyst. ‘Despite all the protestations, I think he has cancer. They talk about digestive this and digestive that, but … forget all the buzz you’re hearing. Just look at the photos,'” Chen reports.

MacDailyNews Take: big surprise

Chen continues, “Apple customers, journalists, bloggers, investors and analysts are hoping that Jobs is well and will retake the reins in the summer. Shortly after Jobs’ announcement on Wednesday, Twitter lit up with ‘get well’ wishes for the CEO.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Medical diagnosis via photograph. Roger ought to go for the patent on that one.

Is it just us, or are “analysts” and “journalists” getting exponentially stupider by the minute today?

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  1. Obviously, the “common bug” that Jobs is suffering is insulin-dependent diabetes owing to his failing pancreas. Unless, of course, MDN and Apple fanbois have a more discerning and astute opinion given their multiple years of medical training, research, and experience.

  2. Wow. Just wow. So inappropriate, so high-school.

    Someone named “Keelay” posted a great response that pretty much sums up my view as well:

    “A juvenile, speculative, and wholly inappropriate article. Yellow journalism at it’s worst. Selling copy on the unfounded rumors of a man’s death or incapacitation in the future. How low can you go? Steve Jobs is ill and taking a leave of absence from Apple. These are the only facts of news you have. The remainder are last weeks news and your attempt at connecting the dots is juvenile. If you had any decency, you would leave the story with the facts — but then there would be nothing new for Wired to report, as Wired does not possess the journalistic resources required to investigate and break a new story. It instead manipulates old news for sensation and shamelessly speculates on the life and death of an human being.”

  3. MacDailyNews Take: Medical diagnosis via photograph. Roger ought to patent that one.

    He can’t patent it. MDN has prior art 2008-09-09. Not only diagnosis but also cure: new jeans. Problem solved.

    Jobs blames unnamed hedge funds for recent health scare rumors

    MacDailyNews Take: Steve: We know you hate wasting time on clothes; hence the uniform, but, seriously, dump the old ill-fitting jeans and black mock turtlenecks and get new jeans and black mock turtlenecks that fit your newfound svelteness. Problem solved.

  4. He can’t patent it. MDN has prior art 2008-09-09. Not only diagnosis but also cure: new jeans. Problem solved.

    That wasn’t a diagnosis, just a suggestion since some people based their speculation on loose fitting clothing. There’s a huge leap in going from that to stating that someone has cancer based on a photograph.

  5. Why do we (people) put up with organizations that employ individuals that do not treat people with some basic level of respect. It is almost inhuman to go off in media whipping out comments like “he’s got cancer”. This guy should be fired on the spot and customers of that organization should begin pulling their business.

    How many news feeds will this genius be quoted in?

  6. So this is journalism in the new century. It has transformed into little more than gossip around the office cooler. I thought there were actual schools and universities that taught and gave degrees in Journalism in this country. Clearly not. Every last journalist in this country should be ashamed. Now anyone who can puke out sensationalist drivel is a journalist. Somewhere in heaven, Ed Murrow is weeping.

  7. Roger Kay is prepared to give a medical diagnosis based on photographs? How is he qualified as a medical diagnostician? Would a doctor make a diagnosis from seeing a few photographs?

    Geez… I don’t like the name of Endpoint Technologies… It must develop crap because it sounds like it does anti-virus software. In fact, Roger Kay sounds like a really shitty name… he MUST have diarrhea – at the very least verbal diarrhea.

    How is that last statement of my opinion any different from Roger Kay’s assertion about Steve Jobs’ health condition.

    All I would like to add is that I wish Mr. Jobs the best and speediest recovery possible. His health problems are his own and I respect (as should we all) his need and desire for some personal privacy and space.

    I have faith in the team of executives, product managers, researchers and innovative designers that Steve Jobs has assembled since his return to Apple. I have no doubt that the team understands, and shares, Steve’s vision of elegant, easy to use technology everywhere and Apple will continue to produce the most amazing and comfortable products on the market.

  8. They call them analysts because of where their heads are (first four letters of word.) What separates them is that they don’t know how clueless they are. Here all of us have been following this for months, doing research, understanding surgeries and their effect on nutrition, and understanding that we’re just piecing together a puzzle and we may be missing big pieces.

    But an ANALYST. He just needs to look at one picture.

    He is smarter than me. Much much smarter. He gets paid for this!

  9. What a dweeb. If you see this idiot on Youtube, you will understand why he said what he said. He is an idiot that has a nervous eye blinking tick and every third word to come out of his pie hole is “for example”. Great public speaker.

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