NRG announces NRGship Mac Lite: native standalone Mac application for UPS shippers

Apple StoreNRGship Mac Lite, the newest edition to NRG’s shipping software lineup, has been developed as a native Mac application to allow for seamless integration with popular Mac business applications.

“With the current NRGship solution, we opened up the possibility of shipping for Mac-based business.” says Andy Knasinski, Founder and Chief Development Officer of NRG, in the press release. “Now our customers want to ship from the software they use to manage their orders. NRGship had only offered that for FileMaker Pro users in the past. But NRGship Mac Lite works without FileMaker and opens up the possibilities to integrate with native Mac applications. For example, out of the box users can ship directly from their Mac’s Address Book.”

NRG has created external integration documentation for developers and is currently working with Mac software publishers to offer software specific integration modules for Mac based Accounting, CRM, Point-of-Sale, Ecommerce and Ebay solutions.

NRGship Mac Lite has been designed for the unique needs of small Mac-based businesses who ship 5-10 packages per day, but can easily support unlimited volume. Through the application, Mac businesses can take advantage of UPS Online Tools such as UPS Tracking, UPS Rates and Service Selection, UPS Time in Transit, UPS Address Validation, and UPS Shipping.

“UPS attended MacWorld with NRG and was impressed with the quality of business software providers and the loyalty of Mac customers.” says Jordan Colletta, vice president of customer technology marketing at UPS, in the press release. “We realize Mac customers want Mac solutions. NRGship Mac Lite meets the UPS Ready standards in providing these services for the Mac user. NRG’s focus on the Mac market is specifically why NRG has been made a UPS Ready strategic provider.”

NRGship Mac Lite will be available in the first quarter of 2009. Customers will be able to demo the software through a 15 day trial.

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  1. Man, I was so excited to see the info about UPS back on Macs’ as UPS is the only reason we have windows on our machine now. Then I looked at the price- $295 for the program and $35.95 a month… there’s a dead deal. They need to rethink the pricing so it comes within the same ball park as buying a copy of Windows and using the FREE shipping software directly from UPS. Great idea, bad price point.

  2. Jordan Colletta, vice president of customer technology marketing at UPS, in the press release. “We realize Mac customers want Mac solutions.

    NO SH_T!

    I have great FREE software from UPS & USPS which works just fine on my Mac. The shipping labels are free also at UPS.

  3. Plus if you do enough buisness with UPS they GIVE you a windows machine and worldship. Sure it’s a windows machine but it’s free ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Sure I could get a free piece of software from UPS, but NRGship is sosexy and elegant. The interface is gorgeous and just delicious compared to the ugly interface of UPS’s software.

    And let’s face it, who cares about price??? Free software is so 1990’s Let’s skate to where the puck is going to be!!!!!

  5. The lite product is a new product, and it’s only $16.95 per month. The target customer is someone doing a low-volume shipments but wants the benefits of thermal printers and digital scales thru a native Mac application.

    The existing product, which has been available for several years, is sold standalone or as a version which can be integrated directly with FileMaker Pro. The standalone software is $35.95 per month. The FileMaker version is starts at $295 plus the monthly fees.

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