RUMOR: AT&T’s Apple iPhone tethering plan to cost $10 per month?

“Without having to contact my colleagues at AT&T, they got a hold of me to share some more information about the [iPhone tethering] plan. To start things off, it did not show up this week, and a launch date has not been set. Recent reports about degradation to AT&T’s 2G service have nothing to do with AT&T clearing up bandwidth space for their 3G network. In regards to what may seem like a slow down of their 2G network, it should kick up faster than before. ‘Think of it as cleaning up a messy room,’ they explained,” Aviv Hadar reports for MacBlogz.

“When MacBlogz first got word of some initial tethering details, the price of the entire plan seemed a little high, although not surprising. Specifically, the $30 price-point and 5GB data cap did not go over well with most people,” Hadar reports. “The biggest piece of information we learned was that AT&T is playing around with a $10 price-point… If AT&T did charge around $10 for independent iPhone tethering, it’s sure to be a hit. Even those on the fence with purchasing or adding this to their cell phone account may do it out of curiosity.”

More details in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This would be huge! For example, we pay around $60/month for our Verizon EVDO service (ExpressCard/34 modems in our MacBook Pros). Yes, we do have NetShare on our iPhones, but it’s just not as seamless or reliable as we need it to be. So, we’re still popping in those EVDO cards and paying Verizon every month. Even if AT$amp;T charged $30/month for iPhone tethering, it would cut our mobile expenses in half! So, you can imagine the salivating that rumors of $10/month iPhone tethering have caused here; you can practically skate through the halls.


  1. My only reason for not jumping to the iPhone is AT&T;. I don’t have a problem paying $199 for the iPhone.

    I enjoy paying $32 including Tax from T-Mobile. 300 Minutes is all I need. Internet Access is a bigger priority for me than phone.

    AT&T;will do much better if the price their current base iPhone plan at $49.99. Both Apple & AT&T;will benefit. Apple will further benefit if they unlock iPhone. This AT&T;exclusive thing blows & AT&T;isn’t the best either.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I’m still using my Verizon XV6800 (A WM5 “smartphone”) simply because it works remarkably well with WiFiRouter to become an EVDO WiFi portal for my Macbook Pro, and the price is right). It’s a good WiFi portal on a sub-standard smartphone for the right price.

    When I can do the same for the same or less cost with an iPhone, I’ll be really interested.

  3. Count me in for $10.00/month. I don’t need it that often, but it is probably the most missed feature that I had with my Treo on Sprint. $30.00 is too much unless you use it VERY heavily, but $10.00 is a very reasonable price that I will definitely pay for. I’ll only get EDGE, but I can live with that for now. I’m waiting on the next generation iPhone before I upgrade. That will let AT&T;spread out some more 3G coverage. Apple was smart to wait on 3G, the coverage is still pretty thin in most areas even after the “expansion”.

  4. “Who cares…
    …if it’s for you or not?”

    Would you rather I of say something even more stupid like

    “First Post”?

    Besides. I did see the value in the service. And someday I might need such service.

  5. What is the justification behind charging additional amount of money in order to allow a customer to use the unlimited data plan for which he’s already paying more than anyone else ($30, vs. $20 per month for other ordinary phones/smartphones)?

    Before iPhone, people used to buy data plans if they were using their (ordinary) cellphones for WAP web, e-mail or IM. Obviously, the data usage of those users was significantly lower than if they were to use that same data plan with a laptop. Therefore, for tethering, AT&T had a reasonable (plausible) excuse for charging extra for attaching a laptop to that data plan.

    However, iPhone changed all that (as we have seen in many reports to date). iPhone users use their data plans quite a lot. With a full web browser and a full e-mail client, users surf web, look at their Google maps (plenty of real-time data streaming), watch YouTube (more streaming), send e-mails (with lots of attached pictures) and download 5MB per song iTunes files. The data usage with a laptop couldn’t possibly be that much different than that of an average iPhone user.

    AT&T is demonstrating extreme greed here. $10 per month for no additional actual service is exactly $10 more than what its worth. They are just allowing us to do exactly what we’re already doing, only on another device. There is practically NO greater burden on AT&T’s infrastructure from this.

    Greed. Greed. Greed… I’m not paying.

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