RUMOR: Apple to release wireless accelerometer-equipped computer mouse

“The successor of Apple’s Mighty Mouse could actually bring much more mightiness if reports we obtained from our sources are to be believed,” Alexandros Roussos reports for SiliconRumors.

“The mouse that will succeed to the Mighty Mouse could be equipped with an accelerometer and come in a wireless only version sources told SiliconRumors,” Roussos reports.

“Sources added that it could not only replace the Mighty Mouse but also the Apple Remote Control which has become optional in the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro refreshes,” Roussos reports.

Full article here.


  1. I can only hope that apple will find a way in their heart to make the iPhone a wireless trackpad and link it to the computer. That way special programs will work with it. I thank it would be just as good for the PC, so fewer of those mice are around. Just think of all the iPhones beside the computers just working their little heart out! I can dream!

  2. I read a review in MacWorld a few years ago about a wireless mouse that had a gyroscope in it. You used it by holding it in your hand – setting it down on a table or mouse pad wasn’t necessary. I wonder if this is anything like that.

  3. I have the mighty mouse and have trouble with the mouse ball.

    When I first got it I had a few unwanted clicks too, but I soon learned to use it well. Now the top ball is the only thing I don’t like about it.

  4. Brau and others: I don’t believe you have a mighty mouse. I use one all day at work for past 3 yeArs – no clogged ball – no problems. Errant clicks going to expose? That’s from YOU errantly pressing side buttons. Get a mighty mouse and use one and then give your opinions posers and MS plants.

  5. Mighty Mouse. Hateful thing! Piece o’ Mierda!
    The mouse I found stuck in a glue trap under my stove was mightier.

    I’ll stick with my Kensington Expert Mouse trackball.

  6. @Grigori

    Agreed. An even better idea would be a mouse with an integrated touch sensitive area where the buttons would ordinarily be that can support gestures, but act as a clickable area, much like the touchpad on notebooks. An AL enclosure would be nice too instead of the plastic.

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