RUMOR: Apple’s new 17-inch MacBook Pro to go unibody with non-removable extended-life battery

“The 17-inch MacBook Pro is going Unibody, like the 13-inch and 15-inch models. That, in itself isn’t really that big of a deal; it was widely expected. The big news is that Apple is making a super slim battery pack for the 17-inch MacBook Pros that will last much longer than current models. However, you won’t be able to remove the battery pack. It will be inside the machine, just like iPods and iPhones,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

MacDailyNews Note: And, most relevantly, like MacBook Air (built-in, that is; not longer-lasting. If true, perhaps the Air will get this new longer-lasting battery tech, too).

Weintraub hypothesizes that Apple may be “pioneering Silver-Zinc battery usage” in their new flagship MacBook Pro and that the models may offer “high gloss screens” exclusively.

Full article here.

MacRumors reports that they “feel confident that this rumor is likely accurate, as we have heard similar independent whispers.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “James W.” and “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. Hopefully those new batteries won’t expand to double size as my current 17″ did otherwise it might create more damage than preventing trackpad to work.

  2. A non-removable battery for the MacBook Pro, the King Kong of portable workstations??? You gotta be kidding!!! Why not offer it in pink, while they’re at it?

  3. @ loloontheair

    One of the biggest advantages of the type of battery they are talking about here is that it doesn’t swell, explode or anything dangerous at all. It’s not only more powerful, it’s non-toxic, non-explosive, etc. The only downside is the cost and the need to recycle the silver in the batteries. Putting it into the top of the line product of the top of the line computer maker, solves the whole price issue, making the batteries non-removable helps with the recycling.

    from the manufacturers website:

    “The company is currently working with leading manufacturers of notebook computers, cell phones, and smart phones to incorporate silver-zinc technology in next generation products. A silver-zinc battery option will be rolled out in a major notebook computer in 2009. The battery is slated to be released as a premium extended life battery. The notebook will be ‘dual chemistry enabled,’ which means it will work with either silver-zinc or lithium-ion batteries. …”

  4. The laptop battery issue is pretty much of the same magnitude as the cellphone battery issue. Virtually every laptop has a removable one, just like every cellphone (except the iPhone, of course). Another fact is that practically nobody who has a laptop/cellphone with a removable battery has ever removed it in the lifetime of their laptop(s)/cellphone(s). If they actually held onto that laptop/cellphone for that long for the battery to die on them, they either bought a new after-market (or OEM) battery, or bought a new replacement laptop/cellphone.

    If this non-removable battery means much longer battery life, then I say do it across the entire portable line. I’d love a MacBook with 7-hour battery life.

  5. The MANY people for whom the non-replaceable battery would be a show-stopper represent minuscule percentage of Apple’s buying population, especially now, since majority of ordinary consumers are buying laptops as their primary and only home computers, which end up sitting on an end table for the most of their useful life, expending about 20 charge-discharge cycles per year.

    This is especially true for (almost) un-luggable 17″ monster laptop.

  6. wow, Apple really keeps in touch with reality as of lately. Glossy-only on the MB Pros is so remarkably stupid that it hurts, phasing out the superior FireWire technology is crazy, and now batteries that can’t be replaced/swapped? Can we pretty please get someone back at Apple who actually works with their machines and doesn’t only think about cost efficiency and ROI all day long? Thankyou.

  7. Clara:

    That is PRECISELY what has happened at Apple. Unlike Dell, HP and others, who ONLY think about ROI, Apple listens to their customers. They finally figured out what people need and what they DON’T need and are phasing out the stuff that’s collecting dust on 99% of their machines once they get into the consumers’ hands. This may be unfortunate to a very small group of professional users who had very specific needs which will no longer be addressed by Apple’s hardware. For the rest of the Apple-buying world, this will mean slightly cheaper hardware (or slightly better, for the same price).

  8. One real downside to having a laptop that you can’t remove they battery is that you cannot kill all power to the machine.

    So if you want to clean it, or upgrade RAM etc…
    You will have to do it with the machine being hot.
    Sounds like a good way to fry your laptop.

  9. In other words, Apple has been selling cars with heated seats to people living in Florida. I’m sure someone in Florida would have the need for those heated seats, but for the vast majority, they’d be paying for something they would never need.

    I never use FW. I never use internal optical drive on my laptop (I have my iMac for that). I never replaced or swapped battery on any of my portables in the last 10 years. And you have to admit, vast majority of average laptop users are just like me. I really have no need for those heated seats and I feel I’m needlessly paying for them.

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