Schiller’s Macworld Expo ‘one more thing’ to be Apple CEO Steve Jobs?

“When Apple PR announced on Dec. 16 that senior vice president Phil Schiller — not Apple CEO Steve Jobs — would be delivering the keynote next Tuesday, the news set off an orgy of speculative thumb-sucking,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune.

Elmer-DeWitt writes, “Hundreds of TV spots, newspaper articles, wire stories and blog posts chewed over the possibilities. Was Apple feuding with IDG World Expo — the company that has been putting on the exposition since 1985? Was it simply pulling the plug on a show whose time had passed? Were there no new showcase Apple products worthy of a Steve Jobs keynote? Was there a last-minute glitch in a new piece of hardware? Could it be that Jobs had lost more weight or was too sick to appear? Had his pancreatic cancer returned?”

“Apple’s December surprise may have lowered expectations for Macworld 2009 in terms of product introductions, but it only raised expectations in terms of Apple’s CEO — because it didn’t rule out the possibility that the rabbit in Schiller’s sleeve next week is… Steve Jobs himself, making a cameo appearance just before the curtain falls,” Elmer-DeWitt writes. “If he does, and looks no worse than he did at the Spotlight on Notebooks special event in October, the audience will erupt with applause, investors will be reassured, and Apple’s share price will soar.”

Elmer-DeWitt writes, “One thing is certain: If he doesn’t show up next week, or at the World Wide Developer’s Conference in June, or at whatever special events Apple schedules in 2009, then it will be clear that the transition to the new management team is already underway, and the era of Apple’s Steve Jobs is nearly over.”

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  1. I recall at one of these events. probably within the last year, it was said on stage that Steve was intending on sticking around for a very long time. Maybe it was Schiller saying something. If Steve’s able to work, does anyone really expect he would do something else than Apple at this point? I highly doubt it.

    They have been slowing showing the world, though, that Apple has many strong upper-management-types. De-emphasizing the perception of his role at Apple is a strategic necessity for long-term growth of the company. But that says little about his actual involvement.

    Seriously, if they wanted to, Steve could have high-def cameras in his bedroom and have live virtual meetings all day long in his hemp bathrobe if he wanted to.

    Though I’d love to see him myself at Macworld, it’s simply not necessary.

  2. If Jobs is the one more thing…well, how cheesey is that?
    The big announcement for Apple is that Jobs attends the MacWorld event?
    So uncool.
    Jobs is either there or he isn’t.

    If Jobs did not want to give the speech, he could have just introduced somebody else, “I am going to give others a shot at giving the show this year” and just sat back and watched.

    When will MDN start the daily count of how many days it has been since Jobs was seen in public?

  3. I like Steve Jobs. He has done a great job, he “launched” Apple and that is the best thing a parent can do for a child. Maybe, just Maybe, it is time for the grown child to leave home now and fly on their own. The iPhone looks like one heck of a boaster stage to me. The “THIRD SCREEN”. It has just started, I think the best thing Steve can do is let it alone for a little while and see what happens. Anybody that has one knows what I mean, it has unlimited potential. Steve can go do what Steve wants to do, relax in the sun, race cars, who cares, he did what parents are supposed to do….and he did an amazing job. Thanks….

  4. Well if this was going to happen, it would have been a fun surprise… but now it won’t because spoil-sports just HAVE to blather every possible thing that Steve/Apple might do to make themselves appear “superior” and “in the know”. If I were Steve this in and of itself might very well be the motivation behind dumping MacWorld.

    You can’t very well surprise and delight people if everything you could possibly say or do has already been trumpeted around the world in web blogs by obsessed “fans” the week before. Then when you do and/or say the things that somebody “predicted” the press blathers about how “disappointing” the keynote was and the blogs are filled with “is that all there is?” like it was Steve/Apple’s fault they didn’t surprise anybody.

    By not appearing at ANY predictable event, Apple will at least have a chance to surprise people with their announcements which has been a big part of the fun of Apple innovation over the years and which obsessed I mean gossip I mean columnists/reporters have utterly ruined the last couple of years.

  5. If you recall in the fist Steve not upon his return he had Bill Gates on Screen larger than life with lots of booing. Well in a curious juxtaposition for his exit from Macworld Expo he will be the one on the big screen with lots of cheering.

  6. “…one more thing”
    [Steve appears on the stage]
    “Kiss my ars, how many years do you think I can try to make people happy and being criticized for that? Good bye and if you want to send me a card, 1 AppleLess Loop, Honolulu, HI is my new address.”

  7. @Cubert
    Jobs seen in public as in “Where’s the photo or video?” or it didn’t happen.

    How many seconds does it take Jobs to call up a NY Times or CNN reporter and say “I am perfectly healthy, MacWorld just sucks and we have nothing cool or worthy enough to introduce for me to be there.”

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