RUMOR: Apple’s new Mac mini to offer dual display support

“Bringing its least expensive system up to par with features in the rest of its lineup, Apple is due to revamp the Mac mini with multiple video outputs,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Those familiar with the company’s plans say the small form factor desktop will have both the Mini DisplayPort connector first introduced on unibody MacBooks but also a Mini DVI connector,” Jade reports.

“The new model is widely expected to bow at Macworld and may be accompanied by a new iMac at the same time,” Jade reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. This is probably misleading. There may be two outputs available (miniDisplayPort and DVI), but I’d be surprised if the mini can run 2 displays at the same time.

    I’d be surprised if Firewire is still available in either the new iMac or mini, based on the direction they seem to be moving.

  2. The perfect display out put imho would be the new display port standard and then a display port to HDMI cable or adapter to go into a HDTV. It’s like the Apple TV does, but for geeks like me who want a whole computer hooked up to their tv with audio and video in one cable.

  3. Steve said Apple would be using mini display port in ALL their future products. My guess is the same here. Just like the mini used to come with a mini dvi to vga adapter, the new one will need an adapter for older displays.

  4. This makes sense for the mini to continue to be two kinds of computers.

    On one hand it needs to keep “normal” DVI so that switchers or their handlers can easily hook up their old (presumably PC) monitor as part of the “bring your own” KVM etc bit either with a DVI cable or a VGA cable with an adapter.

    On the other hand, it needs the display port out to keep up with the new notebooks and be a true mac to already-apple users either replacing an older mini or getting a new one to have in an already apple-centric setup.

    Just a (MDN word!) “thought.”

  5. I have been puzzled by the whole MiniDisplay Port thing. Why introduce a new interface when there was no compelling reason to do so? Especially an interface that only Apple is offering.

    Therefore, I think we are about to see Apple introduce a compelling reason for this new interface. What if the new iMac is a mini-tower designed similar to the cheesegrater look of the Mac Pro with the miniDisplay Port as an interface. This would allow it to only hook up to the new Apple 24″ Display and the two units would constitute the iMac and be sold as a compete unit at about the current pricing. This would also allow Apple to offer a larger monitor in the future.

    This arrangement would allow Apple to make a profit on both units but would defeat the old objection to the all in one unit of what happens to the other part if the display or mobo dies. This would have the potential of opening the iMac up for many businesses.

    Perhaps the Mac Mini would become a similar cheesegrater unit but would offer fewer features than the more fully featured iMac. However, it would have a display interface that would allow it to hook up to other monitors or a HD TV. It would keep its place in the pricing structure.

    I guess we will see on Tuesday!

  6. the reason for the mini display port is you will see it on the next or close to next addition of the iPhone. Within 2 years the iPhone will be as capable as a mac mini, and people will use it as a portable computer.

    Think I’m daft? My iphone has more storage and a faster processor than my iMac of 9 years ago. Within 2 years. No, 18 mos. iCal it

  7. I agree with Ratty. Apple needs to keep Firewire standard on everything. It is so much better than USB and really adds to the user experience. Plus for some things like dealing with video from a camera, USB just doesn’t hold a candle to firewire.

    If anybody at Apple is reading this, PLEASE KEEP FIREWIRE!

  8. Unless the unit can support two displays at once, I don’t see the point! After all, you just need a converter to make that DisplayPort into anything else! Apple’s not putting two ports on it if it doesn’t support two displays…

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