RUMOR: Along with iWork, Apple’s iMovie to go into cloud at Macworld Expo

“I’ve heard from reliable sources that Apple will offer a significant update to iMovie at next week’s Macworld. It will largely focus on Internet video in the Cloud for the YouTube generation,” Seth Weintraub reports for Computerworld.

“I’ve heard that iMovie will largely (if not entirely) be a Web Application and Apple would offer its users the ability to ‘upload your movies to us and edit them there,'” Weintraub reports.

“I am not certain if this means that iMovie is now entirely a Web Application or if Apple is offering a “Cloud” component to its iMovie application,” Weintraub reports. “iMovie in the Cloud would also offer users the ability to easily view their movies on iPod Touches or iPhones. If the application is entirely Web based, it means that potential customers include the ‘other 90%’ of users who use Windows.”

MacDailyNews Take: Make that 88.68% and dropping, buddy.

Weintraub continues, “Apple is largely believed (by me at least) to be moving its iWork applications to the Cloud as well. This would tie in nicely with the new iMovie’s Web Applications. Imagine editing a movie in iMovie online then importing it into a Keynote presentation online. This would be a great feature.”

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  1. So after the MobileMe fiasco Apple would expect us to trust them with editing ? I think not. And what company would trust office productivity software to ‘the cloud’ ? If Apple’s servers were down, or an internet connection, then what would office workers do ? I do not see this happening.

  2. Wouldn’t it take HOURS to upload movie source files for use in the editing process, even at broadband speeds? This seems unrealistic. Uploading the final results for sharing “in the cloud” seems realistic, and an extension features that already exist.

    > Apple is largely believed (by me at least) to be moving its iWork applications to the Cloud

    Weintraub’s definition of “largely” is at least one person. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Placement of these applications in the “cloud” deo make sense if it is being done to allow their use by “small processor, RAM, memory machines” like the iPhone and potential host of variants, larger and smaller.

  4. how can I edit my 16 gig dv home movies over the web through a cloud server?

    And how can I edit my 30GB per hour Hi-Def video online??? Of all applications, iMovie is probably the last candidate to be deployed as a ‘cloud’ app. I can’t possibly imagine how this would work.

    Either I’m not thinking laterally and am stuck in the 20th century mindframe, or the writer of this article has no clue about technology.

  5. megame has it right, and iMovie in the clouds is absurd *given* today’s paltry bandwidth. I just finished a 45 min HD DVD that involved 75 GB of working .MOV files to render a final 2 GB DVD.

    Buying the bandwidth to move those files around easily would be more expensive than buying FCP !!

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