iPhone Dev Team unlocks Apple’s iPhone 3G

“A band of independent programmers says it has ‘unlocked’ the latest generation of Apple Inc.’s iPhones so the devices can be used on unauthorized wireless networks, in a move that could threaten Apple’s carrier partners,” Yukari Iwatani Kane reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“A group called the iPhone Dev Team released a free piece of software called ‘yellowsn0w’ that unlocks the iPhone 3G. The software lets users reprogram the phones so they can work on any wireless network based on the same technical standard,” Kane reports.

“An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the iPhone Dev Team’s work, only saying that Apple doesn’t support unlocked iPhones in the U.S. Apple offers such phones in Germany and Hong Kong “where government regulation requires it” but they usually come at a steep price,” Kane reports. “Software programmers have been trying to unlock the iPhone 3G since it came out last July.”

Full article here.


  1. “How may nerds in the 10s of millions of iPHone owners actually care?”

    Probably all those iPhone owners under the age of 20 who are PC or ex PC users who are used to getting pirated software and there are lots of em.

  2. I think it is a great think when engineers can think outside the box and make iPhone 3G available to all of us. I am moving to the the UK from the US and I need a software unlock to make my transfer complete. Apple is too tight.

  3. iPhone Dev Team reminds me of the kids I knew in the 60s who put “blue-printed’ Corvette engines into Chevy IIs and took then to street corner where they could impress everyone by revving the engine and squealing tires. Some raced and others competed in shows. Very few of these guys got manufacturer’s support for their efforts, Cars of this sort are now far too expensive for the average kid, but PCs and even iPhones are cheap by comparison.
    For some this is a valuable step to personal and professional growth, for others a challenge or simple rebellion. Often their efforts lead to a product that is useful for a few, but rarely the majority. Still a couple of these kids in the 70s changed the world with their efforts and gave iPhone Dev Team something to do with their talents and spare time today.
    The more things change; the more they remain the same.

  4. Why can’t we be satisfied? Apple sells a terrific device, AT&T;accepted the contract because Verizon was too dumb. Now, like Verizon everyone wants to be “greedy” and get something for free!
    That seems to be our nations TOP downfall.

  5. This is the culmination of months if hard work. Good job guys/gals.

    Is you have yet to jailbreak your phone, you should do it. You can actually get more from your phone (video recording, for example) and personalize it as well. Also, you can activate emoji, the Japanese character icons which are useful and fun, but not available anywhere but Japan. 

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