Argus Research analyst: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is healthy

“Pretty much nobody is picking up the phone at equity research firm Argus Research this morning, so take this as unverified: the firm’s analyst on Apple (AAPL), Wendy Abramowitz, this morning lowered her price target on Apple to $145 from $155, while affirming that she does not believe Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s health is deteriorating,” Tiernan Ray blogs for Barron’s.

“Abramowitz lowered her earnings estimate for Apple for the December-ended fiscal Q1, from $10.1 billion and $1.54 in EPS to $9.7 billion and $1.52, which appears to have mainly to do with the fact that December’s margins will be lower than the December quarter of 2007 when the company was riding the release of the Leopard operating system,” Ray reports.

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  1. Who cares what happens to SJ. We have the technology to clone him – Apple may already has the patent on the SJ clone.

    One of these days we may get a visit from the Walt Disney clone…

    Walt Disney – who is that? Seems like his legacy has lasted and grown… maybe not to the same effect he would have imagineered yet the ideas that Disney developed live on. Long live (the idea of) those who take risks and fight for something they believe in to improve the quality of life.

  2. I think SJ has launched Apple and is no longer NEEDED. Sure it is nice to have him around but at some point Apple needs to leave the SJ NEST and fly. Holy cow you guys, SJ has given Apple a pretty darn sweet send off.

  3. I pray that SJ is healthy & strong and stay that way for a long time.
    If he is my idea is…

    SJ walks on stage after Phil finishes keynote with an apple in his hand (tossing it a bit as he greets everyone). Shortly after that, just as Steve is about to bite into the apple, someone dressed as the Grim Reaper follows him onstage.
    (Give audience time to laugh)

    SJ faces Grim Reaper and says: “I guess my time has come, huh?”

    Grim Reaper says: “Well you were supposed to be dinner tonight” (Grim pauses and rubs belly) “But I had an analyst for lunch and now I have indigestion.”

    SJ: “Oh. Well they cause indigestion even when you don’t eat them.”

    Grim Reaper says: “Well, I guess dinner cancelled for tonight.” He sighs and then say: “Uh, do you do anything good for indigestion?”

    SJ hands Grim Reaper his apple.

  4. @ R2

    > Then why can’t Apple or Steve Jobs himself come out and say it?

    Because all of this tech media attention before Macworld is exactly what Apple wants.

    At some point, when the media frenzy has reached its peak, Steve Jobs will appear looking fit and healthy. It may be during Macworld, or it may be later to suck away the media coverage from CES. Whenever it is timed, that event will destroy the short sellers doing the stock price manipulations, discredit anyone in the media who fell for the rumors and reported on it, and reduce future rumor mongering about his health.

    As long as Steve Jobs is fit to be CEO, Apple is doing nothing wrong here. In fact, they are playing it very clever (as usual). Media manipulation is one of Apple’s core competencies.

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