Piper Jaffray analyst Munster: updated iMac and Mac mini could arrive at Macworld Expo

“With Apple chief executive Steve Jobs skipping out on this year’s Macworld Expo, investment bank Piper Jaffray isn’t holding high hopes for new product announcements outside a pair of refreshed Macs, but said in a report Tuesday that a redesigned iPhone should surface in the months that follow,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“‘Predicting product announcements for this year’s Macworld has been difficult with new iPods and Macs released in the fall and the relatively new iPhone 3G,’ analyst Gene Munster told his clients,” Marsal reports. “‘With [Apple marketing chief] Phil Schiller delivering the keynote, we believe it suggests there will not be any revolutionary products at this year’s event.'”

Marsal reports, “Still, the analyst believes a couple of existing products could see a refresh at the annual conference, namely the iMac and Mac mini.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m looking forward to a Mac Mini Refresh. I need a new media server and my old Mini while a champ in that department needs some serious new horse power to rip my DVDs and constantly growing catalog of Indie Music CDs.

  2. Really? They COULD? Well, that’s re-assuring. Thank god that these analysts are around to make the kind of wild guesses that we all need.
    On a lighter note, an updated Mac Mini would be nice. They’re on my list of possible purchases, and a nice upgrade, adding the new aluminum “Air” look, nVidia graphics chip, and faster processor, plus a thinner body, and I’d be hooked.

  3. The mini either needs to be updated to current macbook chips and video with the same price, or a serious price drop for the current configuration.

    The two year old system is seriously long in the tooth and limited for the price Apple’s charging.

  4. There is too much price differential between the entry-level MacMini and the one with the superdrive. What about $550 and $649? That would really kick sales off, especially into the new year, in these economically difficult times, especially if the graphics processor would get a decent upgrade.

    I suspect that a hardware update would include a mini display port. Switchers that already have a display lying around, will need a mini-displayport to VGA (or …to DVI) adapter.

  5. This actually seems like a great time for Apple to pull a shocker. That Quad-core iMac (in a slightly refurbed case) AND a matching quad mini, along with SL, iLife’09 and iWork’09 (with Bento folded in). Spend the first part of the keynote on the coming SL, then hijack the patented “… one more thing” and announce the new models arriving along with SL, and the software included.
    Talk about shutting down the “Jobs is DYING!” rumor mill. Maybe he is – aren’t we all? – or maybe he isn’t (not obviously Real Soon Now, at least) but … life goes on for the rest of us.

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