Apple prepping a quad-core 17-inch MacBook Pro?

“Just one week ahead of Macworld, Intel quietly slips a low-cost quad-core processor into its mobile line-up. Is this the powerplant for Apple’s new unibody 17 inch MacBook Pro?” David Flynn wonders for APC Magazine.

“Apple’s mid-October refresh of its notebook line left a curious gap at the top end of the card, with the 17 inch MacBook Pro missing the make-over of its 15 inch cousin and the 13.3 inch MacBook,” Flynn reports.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s not that curious. The same “17-inch gap” existed when the MacBook Pro debuted (MacBook Pro 15-inch debuted on January 10, 2006 while the 17-inch MacBook Pro appeared later that year on April 24, 2006.

Flynn continues, “That could be about to change next week, with the possibility that the Jobs-free keynote at Apple’s last Macworld show could be used to launch the company’s most powerful laptop ever… Branded as the Core 2 Extreme Q9000, [Intel’s new] chip partners four 2GHz cores with 6MB of Level 2 cache for US$348.”

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  1. Yes.

    My precious.

    I have a 15″ now and I can’t believe how much faster it is than my old 17″ MacBook Pro. I must have the quad core 17″.

    I must! I must!

    But then, if everything is moving to the stupid cloud, who needs all this computing power?

  2. For the money Apple charges it better start at the:
    Q9450 45 nm 12MB 2.66 GHz 1333 MHz
    With a possible upgrade to the:
    Q9650 45 nm 12MB L2 3.00 GHz 1333 MHz
    Not the lame:
    Q9000 45 nm 6MB 2.00 GHz 1066 MHz

    These should also find there way into the new iMac!

  3. Ok, we are about the get the 17 inch! Whoop- how about the FIREWIRE on the MacBook. Come on guys.

    I rather have a small net book to throw in the pack than a hunking quad core portable desktop.

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