No Apple Retail Store for Washington D.C. anytime soon

“Attention local urban sophisticates! You will not be able to visit an Apple Store in the District of Columbia anytime soon!” Mike DeBonis blogs for Washinton City Paper

“That scoop comes courtesy of the underappreciated, under-Webbed Current newspapers, which explained in last week’s editions that plans for the District’s first Apple Store are held up in a thicket of regulatory approvals, from the Georgetown advisory neighborhood commission and the Old Georgetown Board,” DeBonis reports.

“Earlier this month, both bodies rejected Apple’s design—the third the company had submitted for the property at 1229 Wisconsin Ave. NW, a Georgetown storefront the company has owned for more than a year—because, as the Current’s Carol Buckley puts it, it ‘would not fit into Georgetown,'” DeBonis reports.

“The Current describes said design as such: “a glass first story with a solid stone upper facade punctuated by a large window shaped like Apple’s logo.” The Old Georgetown Board, charged with preserving historic preservation standards, ‘felt that the design turned the building into a billboard,’ according to a spokesperson. The ANC, charged with being parochial nitwits, raised concerns that the latest design was ‘too modern,'” DeBonis reports.

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  1. “History” is just another excuse for the weak-minded to live in a fantasy world while ignoring the real world in the present.

    Design Nazis are just as bad. Apple went through hell satisfying the control freak rednecks in Germantown, TN (just east of Memphis), and Portland, OR totally denied a permit for an Apple store it the NW district. They lose.

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