Would-be ‘Mac cloner’ Psystar denies Apple’s conspiracy allegations

“There is no conspiratorial effort being made to steal Apple’s intellectual property, Psystar claims in federal court documents,” MacNN reports. “Apple has accused Psystar of violating the license for Mac OS X Leopard by installing the software on third-party hardware; expanding on this, however, Apple has accused Psystar of having the help of 10 other people or companies, which it has been unable to name ‘The true names or capacities, whether individual, corporate or otherwise, of these persons are unknown to Apple,’ a statement reads. ‘Consequently they are referred to herein as John Does 1 through 10.'”

MacNN reports, “Apple has promised to expose the John Does at a later date, but in its response, Psystar denies both the illegality of its actions and the existence of a ‘concerted effort to commit infringement of Apple’s intellectual property rights.'”

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  1. This stinks.

    The fact that phystar has somehow managed to ring the money to counter this case proves that they are being funded by other parties.

    So let’s list the favorite suspects

    1. Microsoft
    2. Sony
    3. Dell
    4. RIM

    what’s their motive?

    Simple – to destroy apple’s hardware sales.

  2. @Petey

    My guess is Acer, Acus, Lenovo, Samsung. Have to be all from Asia, zero respect for property ownership there.

    All those net book sellers, windows is never going to be a good OS for that form factor, so why not steal OSX, which has already been proven to work on small form factors!!!

    Dell could be involved. They have to be desperate. They are going to need financing to get out of their box and I can’t see who signs up for the risk that Dell needs to turn their ship. Mikey might be shutting it down and giving it back to shareholders, or maybe pulling a DeLorean type deal.

  3. @chaz

    Agreed. If someone is bankrolling this sham litigation, it’s non US-based companies who are already well aware of the DMCA and IP rights. It’s more likely one of the rinky-dink operations you mentioned.

  4. This is not really news, just a progress report. Psystar would deny that anyone was bankrolling them, even if someone was, and Apple would allege that someone was bankrolling Psystar, if only to cover all the bases.

    The hardware manufacturers are not upset with Apple. They have alternatives: they can sell computers with their own Linux distro. HP already has HP-UX; Dell already has Ubuntu.

    The only company that clearly sees Apple as a clear and present danger is Microsoft. Or Apple’s real adversary could be a band of radical open-source advocates, sort of a PETA for software.

    I think there really is someone bankrolling Psystar, and the sloppiness of their latest filing is a diversion.

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