Microsoft’s ‘Seadragon Mobile’ app offers up porn to iPhone, iPod touch users

“Microsoft’s Seadragon graphics viewing application has come under fire for allegedly distributing pornography to unsuspecting iPhone users, presumably those unfamiliar with the way the internet works these days,” Bill Ray reports for The Register.

“Seadragon is a powerful graphics viewer for the iPhone, distributed free by Microsoft Live Labs, and includes an array of example graphics including maps from the library of congress and the Orion Nebular. But it also connects to Microsoft’s Photosynth service – which is where the problems lie,” Ray reports.

Photosynth is “an open service that allows anyone to upload anything – though content of an adult nature will be swiftly removed by Microsoft as there are no content filters or age restrictions in place, and that’s what happened in this case,” Ray reports. “Microsoft acted swiftly to remove the content concerned…”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, that’s one way to, umm… stimulate downloads.


  1. Sudden motion sensor for realistic sounds?

    Tilt left = “ooooohhh”

    Tilt right = “aaaaaaaahh”

    There used to be such great porn games for the early Mac’s, now nothing.

    Either too scared to distribute or too scared to install because of malware.

    Once upon a time people made great software with no garbage…

  2. RE :: MacDailyNews Take: Well, that’s one way to, umm… stimulate downloads.

    I believe the software was downloading very well since day 1…
    Only recently did this come about….

    Give credit where it is due please… Respect.

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