Apple planning a ‘Mac nano?’

“A Chinese company says it’s producing a case for an upcoming iPhone Nano. Bits of code inside the latest version of OS X suggest a new Mac Mini,” Chris Dannen blogs for Fast Company. “Are they one in the same?”

Dannen writes, “Apple has been mum about both rumors. But XSKN, a manufacturer of rubberized protective cases, has been right about forthcoming Apple gadgets before; the company’s product line successfully predicted both the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. Now XSKN is selling a case for an ‘iPhone Nano’ that it says will have a 2.75-inch screen and no 3G wireless. Judging by XSKN’s image, the iPhone Nano would look like a thicker, broader version of the current iPod Nano.”

Dannen writes, “The other big Apple rumor this week is concerned with a new Mac Mini, Apple’s long-neglected bare-bones computer… Could the new Mac Mini and the ‘iPhone Nano’ be the same device?”

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  1. so so so dumb, oh lets create or whole new revolutionary platform then through away the whole 1 size / 1 app store / 1 dev environment, a smaller touch screen would also be awful, people complain about the keyboard now imagine a nano one, youd be an idiot to believe this.

  2. i just remembered a picture from a patent with a round cornered rectagonal shape being inserted into an imac looking device…anyway after reading the article i looked over at my ipod touch and asked in a real cute voice that you reserve fer pets and babies. and i asked it picking it up in the silhouette of my macbook it said yes and it really seems possible to imagine a tiny device running a keyboard and monitor…..

  3. A new Mini? Long overdue, so quite credible. An iPhone Nano? Not a chance. It would have to lose a lot of functionality in that smaller screen. (As one who owns a Touch 2, it’s size is “just right”.) And why give up 3G when one has made such a big deal about it?

  4. Stupid stupid stupid.

    His initial arguments as to why the rumoured device is *not* an iPhone nano are full of crap and based on nothing. Then he goes on to speculate about a “Mac nano” based on the same pile of crap.

    There is a “Mac nano” coming, it’s called the “Mac mini” though. there is no need to speculate about a new product at all. We all know the Mac mini is being refreshed in January, we all know it’s a substantial re-design. These rumours have been all but confirmed for months and months now.

    A Mac mini with a screen (his “Mac nano”), would be a completely different product and take sales *away* from the current mini if it had any reason to exist at all.

    If he’s talking about a tablet, then there is no reason to include the Mac mini in the equation at all. To repeat, … these are completely separate product categories.

  5. I’d buy it instantly. iPhone 3G is too big + I don’t need 90% of the features.
    I only need the ability to call, text, a bit of music and a basic calendar.
    I don’t need a big screen for that, neither 3G, nor web browsing, etc, that’s too much…
    I want a device that fits my pocket, a simple phone!!! The Nano makes sense.

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