Analyst: Apple’s no one-man show; Steve Jobs’ spirit instilled in thousands of employees

“Investment bank Kaufman Bros. on Tuesday downplayed renewed concerns over the health of Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, arguing that although the co-founder has been critical to the company’s resurgence, his spirit and drive have since been instilled in thousands of other Apple employees,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“In a note to clients, Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu offered his own thoughts and perspective on the situation, arguing against the notion that Apple is one man show but rather a vast family of enthusiastic professionals who share Jobs’ leadership skills and penchant for innovation,” Oliver reports.

“‘While CEO Steve Jobs deserves a lot of credit for the revival and success of Apple and, as one of the founding fathers of technology, helping revolutionize the world with the Apple I, Apple II, Lisa, Macintosh, NeXT, Pixar, Mac OS X, the Apple Store, iTunes, iPod, and iPhone, we believe Apple today has a deep bench and its culture of innovation and execution or ‘spirit’ has more or less been institutionalized,’ he wrote,” Oliver reports.

“Wu said that, in his view, Apple has an uncanny ability to attract and hire ‘fanatics’ who are ‘entrepreneurial, work hard, and are looking to change the world.’ He believes that unlike years past, the Apple of today is not only innovative but a company with world-class operations and execution, driven by many people other than Jobs, from its senior management team down to its 32,000 individual employees,” Oliver reports.

More in the full article here.

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  1. I agree that Steve Jobs’s “spirit” has infused all of Apple. And that fact has served Apple well, and will continue to serve Apple well if Steve Jobs left the company for whatever reason.

    However, his equally critical contribution is FOCUS. When he became the iCEO, Steve Jobs had the courage and power to make Apple cancel products (such as Newton) and development projects that did contribute to the bottom line and the long-term goals of the company. He cut the product lineup to the bare minimum. And those company-wide objectives are set by one leader, Steve Jobs.

    So Apple’s organization works incredible well because all of those “fanatical and entrepreneurial” employees are being FOCUSed like a laser toward the common goals set by Steve Jobs. It does not necessarily have to be Steve Jobs for the next twenty years, but the person who replaces him eventually will need to provide the same type of influence, courage, and leadership. If he or she does not, Apple slowly becomes Apple of the 1990’s; creativity and innovation without focus.

  2. Let’s not forget the MobileMe fiasco happened under Steve’s watch.

    Yes, it was a lesson learned but it did prove that Steve Jobs does not micro manage. That means that Steve just gives direction and oversees only his pet projects.

    That also means that most of the decisions made at Apple Inc. are not made by Jobs.

    Apple will survive until another mad genius comes along.

  3. I honestly think that only Steve Jobs could have saved Apple. Not only did he slash the product line, but he made piece with the enemy. Remember Bill Gates’ smiling face on the big screen and the booing Apple faithful. Only Jobs could have gotten away with that.

    But the Apple of today is far different than the Apple Jobs returned to. That Apple was dying. Today’s Apple is thriving and on the prowl. 32,000 dedicated and enthusiastic employees led by the best management team in the world will not let up when the mad genius is finally gone.

  4. “mad genius”, damn I’d love to be know as a mad genius! It’s like freakin’ Star Wars, but real life!

    Love ya Steve, I’m employee 32,0001, a guy who has never worked for Apple, but always has… d’ya know what I mean?

    I thought so.

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