LEGO Indy demo released; improved performance for GMA950 MacBook and Mac mini users

Feral Interactive has released a new demo of “LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures” and improved the performance of the game on older MacBook and Mac mini models using the GMA950 graphics card.

The demo can be found on the following sites:

The demo will let you play as Indy and Satipo as they recover the Golden Idol, complete with whips, puzzles, jokes, and a giant boulder. If you think you know Feral, you can try and spot the reference to one of our other games.

The game is supported on all Intel Macs with a GMA X3100 graphics card or better.

Finally, Feral is happy to announce is has enhanced LEGO Indy to be played on first generation MacBooks and Mac minis using the GMA950 graphics card. While Feral is not officially supporting these cards, the company states that they have improved the experience and feel the majority of those who play LEGO Indy on GMA950-supported Macs will be happy with the performance gain.


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