Leaked photo shows Apple’s new Mac mini?

“It’s widely rumored that Apple will be refreshing its Mac mini soon — perhaps during marketing exec Phil Schiller’s keynote at next month’s Macworld conference,” Dan Frommer writes for Silicon Alley Insider. “(They sure need to — Apple’s desktop Mac sales plummeted last month.) So is this picture obtained by Macenstein an ad for it?”

“We highly doubt it,” Frommer writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. The look has a lot of MBA in it. All external, of course. You can’t do a lot of shrinking if you want to keep your prices down, and that’s pretty much what the mini is all about – the lowest price for a non-crap computer.
    Still … a new mini IS long over-due. I did a price-check of the current model vs the 20″ iMac and … well … the iMac won. Maybe it was just the price of the 20″ cinema screen, but for about the same price the iMac offered more speed, more storage, more memory, better graphics and I FORGET what all.

  2. PHOTOSHOP!!! They didn’t even try with this one. It’s just a picture of the Macbook/Macbook Pro. They didn’t even bother to take the lid off (and somehow I doubt that the new mini is going to have a pop-top, cool or interesting as that might be).


  3. DLMeyer writes, “I did a prie-check of the current model vs the 20″ iMac and … the iMac won.” I couldn’t agree more. Before finally selling my dual G4 desktop to a former colleague, I was looking to my next Mac desktop. I *really* wanted the mythical pro-sumer “Missing Mac”, but could wait no longer.

    The iMac has everything over the Mini you note, but includes as well keyboard and mouse, supports dual displays, and dispenses with the power brick. The choice for me was a no brainer. I went with the least costly iMac 20″ 2.4 shortly after its last upgrade, then added a 2 GB RAM upgrade from Crucial. (Such an upgrade, I might add, is easier to accomplish on the iMac.)

  4. Apple doesn’t need a $500 laptop, but it does need a $400 to $500 introduction Mac. They need to keep the mini. A low cost alternative for a family that already has a USB mouse and keyboard, and monitor.

    The Mini also needs to be able to run bootcamp.

    Then they need to market the heck out of it as a transition machine.

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