Does Apple lack an ‘insanely great’ product to unveil at Macworld Expo?

“Steve Jobs’ decision to skip the convention could mean the company doesn’t have a hot new product to show off,” Brian Caulfield speculates for Forbes.

“[Some] were quick to infer that Chief Executive Steve Jobs must be sick after the computer maker said Tuesday that he won’t be speaking at Macworld in January and this will be the company’s last appearance at the conference,” Caulfield writes.

“The real reason he’s not delivering his usual keynote speech could be simpler than that, however: It could be that Apple (nasdaq: AAPL – news – people ) has nothing “insanely great” to demo this year,” Caulfield writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. @The Great Apple Fanboy Massacre

    Are you on vacation for the Holidays and have nothing else better to do? Why don’t you go to a porn site and eat corn curls until your penis turns orange.

    Don’t let your mommy catch you.

  2. January 24, 2009

    Mac 25th Anniversary

    There may be a special announcement / show / intro / product / appearance for this! On Apple’s timetable, Apple’s way, showcasing Apple, concentrating on Apple.

  3. I haven’t even used Snow Leopard yet, but I think it will turn out to be an “insanely great” thing. Some people…are stupid. Some are ignorant. Some are both…I wonder about the writer. Eh, I bet it just wanted hits…get in line.

  4. I think that is precisely why Apple does not want to attend future trade shows, especially MacWorld, which is scheduled at precisely the wrong time of year (right after the holiday shopping season) for new product announcements.

    Whether they have “insanely great” products to show off this time around, who knows. If the public expectation was to see the existing insanely great products from Apple and third-party products from the Apple “ecosystem,” perhaps Apple would have participated longer. But then, consumers can now go to their local Apple Store for that experience, and Apple has already made that point in their press release.

    Maybe Steve Jobs is handing off the keynote to Phil Schiller because he is accepting an as-yet unannounced new cabinet-level position with the Obama administration.

  5. Hey TGAFM,

    Nice to have you aboard, but let’s have some serious comment!

    I doubt that Snow Leopard will be insanely great, but it’ll most likely be well priced, rated highly, and be very useful.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. After twenty years in existence, Windows still can’t recognize 4GBs of ram, much less multiple processors. snicker, snicker…

    Snow Leopard will prove to be a total embarrassment for Microsoft and PC fan boys like TGAFM and xx.

    Now that Mac users have reached computational parity with PCs, software now becomes the real distinction between the platforms.

    As PCs get faster, Windows is getting slower and becoming a resource hog, so any gains in hardware speed are quickly compromised by the operating system.

  7. “”The real reason he’s not delivering his usual keynote speech could be simpler than that, however: It could be that Apple (nasdaq: AAPL – news – people ) has nothing “insanely great” to demo this year,” Caulfield writes.

    WHAT A STUPID THEORY! If they have nothing awesome to announce, that would be even MORE reason for Steve use his reality distortion field.

  8. Well, another reason to avoid Trade Shows is the artificial time table. Perhaps Apple does have something coming, but it isn’t ready yet and they don’t want to tip their hand. Or want people to wait 6 some months like they did for the iPhone. Apple generally announces something and delivers something pretty much right away (a couple of weeks later at the latest).

    The iPhone was the exception in recent memory. Perhaps there is a tablet computer, but it won’t be ready til April. Do you announce it now, and tip your hand, or do you wait till Feb and then do it?

  9. I think that Jobs & Company will use this to announce something really good, contrary to expectations.

    Why setup Schiller for a fall? Apple is too smart for that. That could spell too much of a negative marketing hit for Apple in more ways than one.

    Look for a really good surprise.

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