Apple’s Phil Schiller to show off nearly ready Mac OS X Snow Leopard at Macworld Expo

“When Apple senior vice-president Phil Schiller gets up on stage at next month’s Macworld, a couple of weeks ahead of the Macintosh computer’s 25th anniversary, he will have the opportunity to alter the direction of computing,” Chris Edwards reports for The Guardian.

“Apple and its partners have been privately dropping hints to developers that its upcoming release of its Mac OS X operating system, dubbed Snow Leopard, will ship earlier than expected – and it will debut two new technologies that promise to speed up software without demanding any changes to the hardware,” Edwards reports.

“The first technology, Grand Central, is designed to make better use of the Intel processors that sit inside the current range of Macs. The other, OpenCL, could have a more dramatic effect on performance for some programs as it will tap into the power of graphics processors (GPUs) that now goes to waste,” Edwards reports.

“Although Apple is expected to show off Snow Leopard at Macworld, the software is very unlikely to be in consumers’ hands until at least a month later – and more likely two or three months later,” Edwards reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m sure everyone is also waiting for the announcement of the price for Snow Leopard. Since Apple has been promoting Snow Leopard as a release with few new features (even though there will be many), it will be interesting to see how they price it and what the reaction will be to that price.

  2. No matter what the price is, the overwhelming majority of Apple’s users will be irate. If it’s free, the stockholders will crap their pants. If it’s more than $1.99, app store customers will soil themselves. It really doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to recognize the future of the Apple milieu on the blogosphere: Someone will hate anything and everything (firewire, matte screens, copy/paste, ad infinitum) with every fiber of his being.

  3. Well lets hope it has lots of fine features and is as powerful as it already made out to be.

    Hopefully, Apple will not abandon Firewire support either in the name of progress or as part of the less is more philosophy.

    An Apple computer without Firewire is like a Christmas tree without lights.

  4. @Metryq

    I must disagree wholeheartedly. Underlying the Mac introductory commercial was a protest against what would become Pentium math ,,, Apple was reasserting that 2 + 2 = 4.

    Therefore, Snow Leopard will sell for $4.

    On the otherhand, Windows 7 will sell for $5. The truth out of Redmond is whatever they want it to be.

    MDN MW: charge. Or how I’ll buy my copy when it comes out.

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