Walmart iPhone 3G memo: Sales begin Dec. 28, prices start at $197

“We have a letter that we believe to be authentic from a source within Walmart that says the iPhone will launch in the house that Sam built at 9am December 28th. At launch, only the 8GB ($197) and 16GB ($297) iPhone 3Gs will be available with a required signature on a 2-year AT&T contract. An internal pilot program kicks off today at 488 stores across the nation,” Thomas Ricker reports for Engadget.

Full article, with a scan of the memo, here.

Direct link to video via YouTube here.


  1. @Wish I Was Here
    “Snobs” — No sh*t!
    I understand not shopping Walmart because you disagree with their business practices that put Mom & Pop stores out of business. But ragging on Walmart based on the stereotyped customer base is plain snobbery.

    Bottom line is that Walmart, for a huge portion of the population, is the only big store for 50 or more miles. It makes good business sense for Apple and ATT to get the iPhone sold there. Remember, the iPhone is NOT sold online. You’ve got to go to a brick and mortar store for a purchase. It would be BAD management at Apple NOT to take advantage of Walmart’s distribution reach.

  2. only the 8GB ($197) and 16GB ($297) iPhone 3Gs will be available

    What other versions are there that won’t be available at Wal-Mart (if we disregard for the moment the one announced by the SNL clip)?

  3. Wal-mart lacks social consciousness or any type of regard for the poor; they merely exploit others for their gain. If you shop there you should be ashamed of yourself. Mom and Pop all the way, or suffer at the hands of the toxic products you buy. It is like shopping at the Dollar Store. I’m not a snob, just socially conscious.

  4. Walmart’s practice of not employing anyone full time to avoid insurance benefits is absolutely horrible.

    Their one redeeming factor is that they allow truck drivers to park their rigs in their parking lots overnight or at anytime. I’ve got friends who haul freight cross country and this is a big deal for them.

  5. I find quite disgusting on the few occasions that I’ve been forcibly required to enter this “Walmart” store that the common folk speak of. Imagine the horror to discover that this establishment does not offer valet parking! I was most fortunate that there were many blue outlined spots, near the front doors, which I assumed were for exclusively for persons driving a proper luxury sedan, such as my Bentley Arnage. Once inside, I was blinded by the glaring lighting and garish color scheme. Worse yet, was the lack of a personal shopper to assist me with my purchases. The store was gloomy, and filled with persons that appears to be of the working class. Disgusting!

    Imagine my horror when I discovered that they did not carry such staples as cashmere sweaters, silk stockings, nor mink coats. The girthy woman who assumed the title of “assistant manager” rudely the seriousness of my product inquiries, and told me to visit some unknown retailer called “Hell.”

    The only salvation, was finding a charging cord for my iPhone, as I had previously thrown my old one at some likely homeless man driving a Mercedes E-series economy car. However, that is a story for another day!

    I do apollogize for being so verbose, but I did feel this article related to me as I had once visited one of the “Walmart” establishments that plebeians seem to speak of.

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