Buyers lining up to return RIM’s BlackBerry Storm?

“Verizon has extended its return policy through Jan. 15, 2009 for all phones purchased since Nov. 16 — before [RIM’s BlackBerry] Storm went on sale. But we’ve heard anecdotally — and seen more evidence on Twitter — that many people are already taking their Storms back,” Dan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

• davematson: Returned my blackberry storm. A counter-assault against a rare consumerist impulse purchase on my part. And a crappy product, too.
• nessenj: Returned the BB Storm last night to VZW. They can have their piece of junk back.
• dquail: Returned my crappy Blackberry storm. what a piece of junk. Guy at verizon wasn’t surprised

Frommer reports, “This is not a scientific sample… [but] it suggests that one stat we’ve heard from mobile blogger ‘Boy Genius’ isn’t crazy: That 40% to 50% of Storms are being returned. If that’s true — we don’t know — it’s astonishingly high.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ken” for the heads up.]


  1. The way I hear it works, you touch an item to select it (which is a totally unnecessary step) than push the screen to activate it.

    They could change the software so that all you have to do is touch an item to activate it. Then pushing the entire screen could perform a different function, like returning to the home screen.

    That’s what I would do in RIM’s situation.

  2. Of course people are taking them back! No Windows CE– and a PDA without a keyboard is like a computer without a task bar! Fools. This definitely should prove to you Mactards that Apple can only make a niche product- and it should show the manufacturers that Apple has already taken the whole market for suckers who want to put their paw prints on the screen to TYPE! Will Steve Jobs ever out grow 1984!?!?!

  3. If only Apple could break loose of the AT&T;lock on the iPhone they’d drive all these crappy iPhone knock-offs right out of the market. It’s sad that I’ll have to wait for that to happen — no AT&T;service in my area.

  4. I’m writin this in my iPhone as I’m taking the park and ride into work. I have to agree. While I had AT&T;before iPhone. And I’m fine with there service. I do believe that if apple opened up and sold across all carriers they would destroy the market. ESP at the new price point.

  5. LIke I stated in a previous posting, I was asked to leave Verizon when I was there with my iPhone comparing it to the Storm. The manager didn’t like the fact that the iPhone was really doing a better job at most of the functions the 2 phones share- it didn’t help that there were several people gathered around agreeing that the Storm just wasn’t working as nice as the iPhone either. Nothing like showing the buyer that the horse has no teeth.

  6. @ ID Argyll

    Isn’t the Black Berry Storm just lipstick on a pig? Oink!

    Hey Leave Sarah Palin out of this! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Our company got 5 units after waiting for months on this revolutionary product… We all returned them within a week. VZW rep said a large corp. just returned 150 they hated them so much. We thusly switched to AT&T;and got iPhones and everyone is VERY happy. RIM and Verizon just lost a customer because of the crap Storm…

  8. “people need to be patience and give BB the chance to fix the software with updates… Just like Apple did.”

    At least the iPhone wasn’t a total P.O.S. right out of the box. It’s features were somewhat limited in the beginning, but it actually worked just fine starting with version 1.0…

  9. Aaaah, the arrival of the ‘big ass button’!
    Get one now and sync it to your ‘big ass table’.

    The Big Ass World of useless and clueless stuff, just in time for Xmas.

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