Buyers lining up to return RIM’s BlackBerry Storm?

“Verizon has extended its return policy through Jan. 15, 2009 for all phones purchased since Nov. 16 — before [RIM’s BlackBerry] Storm went on sale. But we’ve heard anecdotally — and seen more evidence on Twitter — that many people are already taking their Storms back,” Dan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

• davematson: Returned my blackberry storm. A counter-assault against a rare consumerist impulse purchase on my part. And a crappy product, too.
• nessenj: Returned the BB Storm last night to VZW. They can have their piece of junk back.
• dquail: Returned my crappy Blackberry storm. what a piece of junk. Guy at verizon wasn’t surprised

Frommer reports, “This is not a scientific sample… [but] it suggests that one stat we’ve heard from mobile blogger ‘Boy Genius’ isn’t crazy: That 40% to 50% of Storms are being returned. If that’s true — we don’t know — it’s astonishingly high.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ken” for the heads up.]


  1. People are buying the Storm because they want and iPhone but don’t want AT&T;.

    I don’t want AT&T;either – but I would take my iPhone on T-mobile or Sprint before I would take a Black Berry on Verizon!

  2. I find the whole concept of one big button laughable. I can’t imagine typing an e-mail click a big button for each letter. What were they thinking? Surely BB tried it themselves before selling it. Maybe not.

  3. people need to be patience and give BB the chance to fix the software with updates… Just like Apple did.

    It doesn’t happen over night. If people are expecting it to be flawless out of the box… Think again. I have yet to find any perfect products. LOL

  4. I looked at one over the weekend to see how it compared to the iPhone and I wasn’t impressed. The Verizon guy was trying to talk me out of looking at it. He said that it wasn’t that good, it was slow and I think he even said that people was returning it.

  5. H click E click Y click , click SPACE click F click U click C click K click SPACE click Y click O click U click SPACE click , click SPACE click M click D click N click ! click SPACE click I click SPACE click H click A click T click E click SPACE click T click H click I click S click SPACE click F click U click C click K click I click N click G click SPACE click S click T click O click R click M click ! click ! click !

  6. @StormTard

    Wow. That’s commitment to a joke. italicizing every other word.

    I played with my friend’s Storm for about 1 minute and within 5 seconds I hated it and was dying inside.

    So many extra steps. Touch to select, then click to activate EVERYTHING.

  7. I would go insane if I had to press down the “big ass button” for each letter, for each action. Arrrgh. Oh and the huge gap surrounding the BAB is a giant lint and crud magnet. If someone actually keeps it for a few months, that BAB is going to get some crap between there.

  8. @ marco

    > people need to be patience and give BB the chance to fix the software with updates… Just like Apple did.

    You can’t fix a major design flaw (the whole screen being one big button) with a software update. Apple tested its iPhone hardware for years to get it right, before they even started user testing of the software. RIM is a hardware-oriented company too, so it is surprising that they would release such a conceptually flawed product.

  9. Haters! And by “haters” I don’t mean BB or Storm haters…I mean  haters. These clowns have been waiting for a year or more for an alternative to the iPhone and once “it” comes they desperately & blindly eat it up…. Sadly uneventful…except for the fact that there are now only two choices…get a fscking iPhone OR continue insisting that BB will cough up a golden series of updates…sound familiar anyone? Starts with a “V” ends with an “a”…..

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