Apple’s iPhone 3G unlocked

Apple’s iPhone 3G has been unlocked according to The Dev-Team Blog.

“We have been working hard on a few other things. The main one being the 3G unlock codenamed ‘yellowsn0w.’ This is now completed and is currently being packaged into a user-friendly application with the simplicity that you see in QuickPwn or BootNeuter,” The Dev-Team blogs.

• The target release date for the unlock is New Year’s Eve 2008.
• This unlock method is available to iPhone 3Gs that have 2.11.07 baseband or earlier, we did warn you.
• The unlock requires a jailbroken 3G iPhone. It’ll be installable via Cydia and so it doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or PC.
• Please refrain from updating your baseband, regardless of what version you’re at. We’ll have complete directions on New Year’s Eve.
• We’ll stream a live demo of the unlock before Christmas (see the update at the end of this post)

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TheConfuzed1” for the heads up.]


  1. yeah, ok.. but you have to be on 2.1, and you can’t update? The price is just too great, I don’t believe there is enough to gain from this to make it worth the hassle.

    Why don’t these people get real jobs?

  2. Not only AT&T;.

    In other countries, what they charge for the service for iPhones is just a joke.

    I like to play but the rules, but when you see carrier trying to rape you… it’s tempting to unlock one.

  3. This might be welcome news to that minuscule minority of AT&T users who travel overseas and usually use their phones with local SIM cards.

    Otherwise, in order for unlocking to be a useful option, one would need to break out of AT&T contract (with severe penalty in the case of the iPhone), which in the end defeats the purpose (why not buy unlocked device from Taiwan, Belgium, Italy or any other place that sells them unlocked).

  4. To be clear, the talk of 2.11.07 baseband here does indeed match up with iPhone OS 2.1, however it is possible to upgrade to 2.2 using PwnageTool. That will build you a custom OS upgrade package that does not include the baseband upgrade.

    I used PwnageTool to upgrade my old 2G iPhone to 2.0, and whilst (at the time) it was a very easy but fairly slow experience to build a custom OS; it worked just fine. Since upgrading to a 3G iPhone I haven’t bothered with jailbreaking, so have not tried it recently

  5. I have a much simpler solution to the problem of iPhone’s AT&T;lock-in: I haven’t bought an iPhone.

    And you know what? I’m doing just fine! I know this may seem unbelievable to some people, but apparently it’s actually possible to live without an iPhone! Astounding, I know.

    But please, do continue hacking and slashing at this oh-so-essential piece of technology.


  6. Haven’t bought an iphone either (yet). Still kinda worried I’m gonna be stuck with a brick once the contract with ATT is over. I wonder what’s gonna happen when the first buyers go end of contract. In fairness ATT should unlock them. Maybe I’ll wait with buying an iphone to see what happens.

  7. LordRobin:

    I’m sure there are people like you who somehow are able to live without an iPhone. Obviously, it isn’t like the iPhone is indoor plumbing, or electricity (although, plenty of people have no problem living without those).

    Still, your simple solution isn’t actually an acceptable solution for many. As we all know, iPhone significantly changed the way people go about their lives. The ability to have answers to all possible questions you may come across anytime anywhere certainly changes people and things around them.

    As such, iPhone has apparently become quite an essential piece of technology.

    As for hacking and slashing, I’m not quite sure how much value it brings to its owners in the US.

    And to dutch E., when your two-year contract expires, you will still be able to continue using that iPhone; it won’t suddenly stop working. If you aren’t happy with AT&T’s data plan, you should be able to cancel after those two years and use the voice-only (with pay-as-you-go data) plan for less. Obviously, if you wanted to take that phone to T-Mobile (for some reason), AT&T would have to let you unlock it. As they already do this for all other phones they sell, there’s a strong possibility they’d eventually do the same for iPhones.

  8. Predrag, you make an interesting point.If someone goes abroad and purchases an iPhone in a country that sells unlocked ones, and then brings it back to either the US or Canada, then what? What does one do, to set up coverage with the local cell phone provider of one’s choice? Has anyone done this? Just curious…

  9. To U. Phone Too Jr.

    Yes, I bought a legally unlocked 3g iPhone in Hong Kong and am using it in Canada (and throughout Asia). Both GSM cell providers here in Canada (Rogers & Fido) are offering iPhones and iPhone packages albeit terribly expensive when compared with other countries so I have an iPhone plan with Fido.

    The main reason for me to have an unlocked iPhone is cause I travel extensively and spend about half my time (sometimes more) in South East Asia. While I’m in Malaysia I have an unlimited data plan with a cell provider that offers 3.5G (HSDPA) and my iPhone functions perfectly for the exception of visual voicemail as they don’t offer the iPhone in Malaysia, yet. Elsewhere in Asia, I get a pre-paid SIM (pay-as-you-go) with data and voila.

    So, yes, you can just bring your legally unlocked iPhone and set it up with any cell provider.

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