Analyst: Apple to unveil netbooks at Macworld Expo next month

“Apple Inc. will introduce two netbooks at the MacWorld Conference and Expo next month that will be tied to the company’s App Store, as is its iPhone, an analyst said today,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“‘I don’t have any inside information,’ said Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research Inc., as he spelled out his take on Apple’s next hardware move. ‘This is just by triangulation,'” Keizer reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Ohh, triangulation. But, what about hexagification?

Keizer continues, “Citing evidence that included the gloomy economy, climbing sales of the least-expensive laptops and comments CEO Steve Jobs made in October, Gottheil said Apple would show a pair of netbooks at January’s conference, then as it did two years before with the iPhone, put it on the market midyear.”

“Unlike other computer makers, Apple has avoided the bottom of the market, leaving it vulnerable as $300-$400 netbook sales have surged. The problem with producing a netbook, Gottheil said then, was that if it was simply a stripped-down MacBook, Apple ran the risk of cannibalizing sales of its higher-priced, and higher-margin, notebooks,” Keizer reports. “Apple, in effect, needs something completely different, Gottheil said.”

Keizer reports, “That’s why he believes Apple will introduce netbooks next year that, like the company’s iPhone, will exist in an Apple-controlled ‘closed system’ where software is delivered via the App Store, device restore is done from iTunes, backup is available through an optional online service, most likely MobileMe, and peripheral and add-on choices will be limited.”

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  1. When Apple does enter the Netbook market, and they will at some point, the product will be far more than just a stripped down smaller MacBook. It will upend the Netbook market completely.

  2. This guy’s a moron. From all I’ve read the ‘netbook’ is not a particular success and Apple’s current laptops are not suffering by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, in the current climate thay are an incredible success story running far ahead of the rest of the pack. Why oh why would Apple want to cannibalize their own success?

  3. Very clever, make up some kind of prediction so that apple is the bad guy when they don’t end up producing it as predicted. I guess if he wasn’t doing that, he’d be trying to float some kind of ponzi scheme instead.

  4. Just like Apple was the first company to market with an MP3 player and a smartphone, because the company with the first one is obviously the winner.

    God this logic kills me. If the market for netbooks is more than a fad, then Apple will make one, right. This of course is neglecting the idea that the iPhone is already one heck of a “netbook” of its own.

  5. Not according to the mainstream tech media, cptnkirk. They’re trying hard to push the narrative that netbooks are a success as a cheaper alternative to notebooks because of the global economic downturn. Now they’ll chide Apple for missing out on the trend if Steve doesn’t produce one in January, especially if MacBook sales ever show the slightest dip.

  6. “Wow. He admitted that he just made all of that up out of nowhere. AND he gets paid to do it.”


    Yes, that is what the job of an analysts is.. They analyze companies and make predictions as to where they see the company heading.

  7. Where do these jerks come up with this stuff. Haven’t they done enough destroying other companies. Lets keep speculating about things Apple is likely to never do.

    You ask me – the Touch and iPhone are netbooks,

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