RUMOR: Apple to unveil ‘iPhone nano’ at Macworld Expo in January (with image)

“Once again iPhone rumors are floating in China… Why is China the place where these rumors start? Simple. Thousands of people are involved in building iPhone components and, those that have the means, know how to get inside information. Once it starts, the information spreads. These rumors are used by accessory manufacturers and agents in China to decide what they will produce, when they will start to manufacture it and when they should unload their old stock,” iDealsChina reports.

“No more speculating. The new iPhone is a Nano Phone! We just got these images of a silicone case design by XSKN for the new Nano iPhone. This case is in production. We are not sure when they will release it on their site. The XSKN designs will give you an idea of the shape and size of the new Nano iPhone. We understand that a number of companies are producing cases as of last week,” iDealsChina reports. “If you remember, before iPhone 3G was released, a number of companies including Griffin had advanced information of the size and shape of iPhone 3G. We understand that once one company starts making a mold their information is passed onto other mold companies or accessory companies through a China underground network.”

iDealsChina reports, “It is the same height as the just released Nano but wider and thicker and with the same iPhone 3G contours. It has 3 sensors, camera, mirror screen but no 3G. Production will start on the 20th with 60,000 to 80,000/day pieces coming off the assembly line. Steve Jobs will be announcing it during the January MacWorld Show and you will find it in the stores shortly afterwards

More info and images in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Markim” for the heads up.]


  1. well, if the screen is proportionally smaller… it could work – but I doubt that Apple would do such a thing. IMO, if they do a nano iPhone (big if), then chances are the display will be far smaller, and not touch sensitive. But really, who needs a nano iPhone??? the original and 3G are small enough, and the price is correct. Perhaps a nano iPod Touch??? Nah.

    I say highly unlikely…

  2. Without redesigning the interface and thus having two versions, the only way this works is if everything is just smaller, albeit with the same number of pixels just at a higher resolution. If that’s the case using the thing will be a pain.

  3. # BacMook – “Is the screen Matte or Glossy?”

    …Who cares? As long as it´s glossy!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

  4. This is as bogus as paid analyst Wu’s iPhone nano claim that spiraled into the black hole of nothingness. I don’t think the iPhone will get smaller ever, and unlikely that it will get bigger, even though I desire a 10″ Macbook. I do think the processor/graphics, etc. is going to get pumped. Videoconferencing is on the horizon, but not until it is perfect. Landscape keyboard, cut and paste systemwide is ready now…yawn.
    Id/Carmack type standards on apps and games that demand resources are going to be addressed before any major physical changes. It aint broke and don’t need fixing, just some under the hood tweaks and no stutters in interface and games.

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