No Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld Expo?

“Check out the Macworld Expo page on feature presentations. Macworld starts three weeks from Tuesday and Steve Jobs isn’t yet listed as giving the annual keynote,” Daniel H. Steinberg reports for O’Reilly Digital Media Blog.

“Now, this announcement comes traditionally late but I always remember seeing a Keynote listed on this page with no speaker listed until Jobs announces he will be there,” Steinberg speculates. “Is there no Apple keynote at Macworld?”

“I assumed Jobs would have to speak to quell investor fears about his health but Jobs hates for Apple to be at a dying show,” Steinberg speculates. “As marquee exhibitors drop out of MacWorld, might Apple scale back their plans as well?”

Full article, which attempts to tie the speculation above to the demises of Macworld Expo NYC and Boston, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “qka” for the heads up.]


  1. I would like to see Steve Jobs do an intro and summary at these keynotes. Let him intro the “Just one more thing” and get the talking heads to see that Apple is a rapidly growing multi-marketed company with talented competent employees running each of the branches of the Apple Empire!

  2. Yes “s”, and it works out pretty well! All that much monney Apple can spend in R&D;. It woudn’t be a Balmer who could do that!
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  3. I’m personally pissed at IDG… At last years MacWorld I was in line hours before the show (had a $1200+ Conference Admission and went the day before to complete the registration), I was barred from attending the Keynote, along with hundreds of others. I wrote IDG a complaint and never got a response. They will never see another dime from me…

  4. The truth…they are cramming to finish an incredible project they hope to announce. The truth is they’re not yet sure if it’ll be ready in time. The Jobs man will speak but would be more comfortable with this BF Arrow in his quiver.

  5. Perhaps that fire a month or two ago at the Mothership destroyed whatever prototype they were working on?

    Nonetheless, I’m sure Steve will be at Macworld; it would be like not turning up to his own birthday party. Whether Apple have something in the pipeline remains to be seen — we could be pleasantly surprised?

  6. @cptnkirk

    Adobe, Belkin ,Creative Labs, Seagate are all no-shows this year, and many other vendors have taken smaller spaces.

    I hate to tell you, but visitor numbers don’t mean much if vendors aren’t paying to be there. Fewer vendors = fewer visitors next show = the expo is dying

  7. No MacWorld is going to exist. Sorry, but no. I agree with “critic” on this.

    That means one thing: if Apple wants to release new products, well, they’ll just have to release them at their own event.

    The spotlight turns to Mac minis? At the Apple “Town Hall”? Fair enough… I don’t mind. Let’s just see Steve release something cool!

    As, of course, he always does.

    What on earth did you think the “. Think Different” slogan was for if not for the choice that they could make? And the choice is now venues.

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