Apple’s new MacBook, iPod touch selling like hotcakes

“Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber is one of the best-sourced Apple writers on the planet. So when he declares something, we listen,” Dan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

Gruber says Apple’s iPod touch and new MacBook lines are on fire:

• From yesterday, via his blog: “my sources indicate the Touches are selling nearly as well as the Nanos this year, despite being much more expensive.”
• From Wednesday, via his blog: “It’s only going to take a few weeks for us to get Apple’s results from this quarter, at which point we’ll find out that the new MacBooks are selling like hotcakes.”
• From Dec. 6, via Twitter: “From what I’ve heard, the new MacBooks are selling at an unprecedented pace. Insanely popular.”

Full article here.

As opposed to Zunes, which are selling like snotcakes.


  1. Amen to that – I was just in a store in the DC area and the store manager (who i’ve known for years) told me the same thing. the new macbooks are flying off the shelf.

  2. i have only a few observations, but they seem to be selling well in my area.

    mind you, every time someone sees mine they tell me that they heard they weren’t selling, since everyone wants firewire.

    …then they ask me what firewire is. 🙁

  3. @cubert

    Just finished my last grad school exam/presentation. I did a lot of coke, diet coke, and heavy duty coffee to make it happen. But the by product wasn’t snot. And it wasn’t exactly in “cake” form. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”ohh” style=”border:0;” />

  4. This news does not surprise me at all.

    I work in a low wage sector.
    At a staff meeting yesterday, one co-worker told me she had just bought a MacBook for her son (first Mac), and is so impressed, she is getting one for herself right away.
    This is someone who uses the same laptop for work as well as home. No hesitation in switching after seeing her son’s machine.

    Another co-worker, sitting in front of his HP laptop, chimed in to say he will also be switching to a MacBook immediately.

    MDN word “nuclear”.
    As in, maybe it’s now beyond “bloodbath”. Maybe it’s gone nuclear…

  5. Fewer gifts, but single better quality gifts, is the mindset this Christmas season. Right up Apple’s alley. Nano’s are the ultimate stocking stuffer and boxed that way. My wife loves her pink refurbished fatboy.

  6. The Apple Store at King of Prussia was packed last weekend to the point that if you weren’t buying, there wasn’t room to stand around. It was probably the busiest store I saw in the mall all weekend. I saw several macbooks leaving the store with smiling owners.

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