Spinning launches first heart rate and fitness app for Apple iPhone, iPod touch

Spinning has introduced the iSPINNING fitness application available on the Apple iPhone App Store. iSPINNING, free for a limited time only, is a new cardio and cycling application that compiles real-time data for fitness tracking. iSPINNING is the first of a suite of health and fitness apps enabled by iTMP Technology, a pioneering developer of smartphone hardware and software applications.

For iPhone and iPod touch users, iSPINNING is an iPhone-based Spinning computer and cardio fitness system that is compatible with leading fitness heart rate transmitters and a growing list of other fitness sensors. In addition to heart-related data, iSPINNING receives speed, cadence, and power data from cycling sensors so users can track cycling metrics from their road and mountain bikes too.

“For years the fitness industry has struggled with the complexities of tracking and displaying fitness data in ways that are appealing to the end user. iTMP has raised the bar with their suite of iPhone apps that collect data from body and equipment sensors to track and present it in a simple and usable format,” said John Baudhuin, CEO of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., creators of the Spinning indoor cycling program, in the press release.

“While there are a handful of fitness apps for the iPhone, until now none of them have incorporated real-time user data in their calculations. With our wireless virtual bridge, SMHEART LINK, we connect distributed health and fitness sensors to Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. In other words, we enable Apple’s incredible mobile computers to double as heart monitors and cycling computers,” said Michael Williams, founder and CEO of iTMP, in the press release.

The iSPINNING application will run with simulated data so users can see how the application will monitor and manage cardio fitness metrics. Additional hardware, including iTMP’s SMHEART LINK, will be required to allow the app to “listen” to your heart and your Spinner bikes or outdoor bikes. SMHEART LINK stores an entire workout’s worth of data, compiling information even while the iPhone app is interrupted by a call or if the iPhone is not present. The result is an uninterrupted workout profile that can be reviewed real-time during or after a workout. iTMP’s SMHEART LINK has a suggested retail price of US$149.95 and will be available for the holiday and resolution seasons online, where users can also find additional product information, accessories and receive updates. Spinning’s website, will also carry SMHEART LINK and Spinning’s cadence sensor.

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  1. My first reaction when I saw MDN’s headline on the main page was, “wouldn’t it be cool if this software somehow allowed you to monitor your heart rate through your iPhone.”

    “In other words, we enable Apple’s incredible mobile computers to double as heart monitors and cycling computers”

    This is huge! Can you say “iPhone Accessory Market”?

  2. It isn’t yet available here in Sweden, but can somebody verify that this works with the iPod Touch as well?

    Next generation should interface with the iPhone’s GPS functions. Garmin (and others) already have this, but not in a phone. Having one less dohickey to charge up and carry up hills (grams count) would be nice.

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