Enterprise survey shows 68% will allow Apple Macs in next 12 months; iPhone integration increases

Apple Online StoreInformation Technology Intelligence Corp. (ITIC) has surveyed some 700 C-Level executives and IT managers (85% in North America), Arik Hesseldahl reports for BusinessWeek.

Hesseldahl reports, “Four out of five businesses have Macs present in their environment. 68% said they will allow their employees to use Macs as their corporate enterprise desktops in the next 12 months, a rate double that of an earlier survey. Half of all survey respondents said they plan to increase their integration with the iPhone as an alternative to Research In Motion’s Blackberry as mobile email device.”

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “qka” for the heads up.]


  1. Oh, Gawd, don’t tell this to “sinclap” or “PomPom Squad” (recent posts)! They’ll have none of it, and given their lack of cranial capacity, real damage could be done.

  2. Slowly pushing the Microsoft Windows Centered IT dogma to open cross-platform real world. This will slowly kill off Microsoft Windows dominance in the enterprise. Why shell out big bucks to Microsoft for licensing and support contracts when Linux and MacOS is much less costly with smaller overall short and long term support costs.
    Microsoft’s Windows 7 hype and promises appear to be falling of deaf ears that or IT Executives are just tired of empty promises from Microsoft either way the winds of change are blowing. The Future is no longer controlled by Microsoft.
    And to be fair, this will be a good thing for Microsoft because it’ll free them up to do what Ballmer wants the company to do and that is be an Internet Ad company and compete with Google. After all the money is moving to the Internet and away from the Desk Applications and OS. (WOW! that was good I actually type it with a straight face and without a sarcastic joke).
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  3. And another thing, this is certainly the beginning of the end of MS. Once Macs infiltrate the Enterprise, even in small numbers, most employees will start hounding IT to give them a Mac on the next PC replacement cycle. With some Mac experience, IT will begin to realize that they can spend more time with their feet up on the desks since Mac require less support. This means less IT resistance to Macs.

    Sorry Microsoft, the end is coming.

  4. “If I could, I surely would stand on the rock that Moses once stood…” I want to trash that old dellie that I have to use at work. The D!@# thing barely works and is getting slower by the day. I keep hoping for it to fry out so i do not have to use it anymore. I would buy a macbook and install windows on it if I had a choice in the matter.

  5. Sorry but Microsoft machines will be around for a long time. Just look at the car market. There are all kinds of cars, used for all kinds of purposes.

    I see the same for computers. Microsoft software is easy to steal and since it runs on any pc, the third world will use it for many years to come. Same in the US. There will always be people who will buy the “cheap” computer cause its cheaper. Just why do you think that there are “dollar” stores…… LOL

    PS. I have seen items in the Dollar store for a dollar and the same item in Walmart for 97 cents. ER, people go to the dollar stores and pay more….. cause they feel its a good buy.

    Just a thought.


  6. @ElderNorm

    “Sorry but Microsoft machines will be around for a long time. Just look at the car market. There are all kinds of cars, used for all kinds of purposes.”

    And look at the trouble the auto industry is in right now BECAUSE there have “all kinds of cars.” They have diluted their cachet and made it too hard for people to chose between true performance features. As a result, people chose between meaningless “features” such as installed GPS which you could buy separately for much less elsewhere. When was the last time someone other than a truck or sports car purchaser actually cared about the engine when making a purchasing decision? Companies like Toyota have been focusing on performance and economy (Prius), which is why they are outselling American-made cars.

    The OS situation is quite similar. Windows has a rotting engine that needs an overhaul that redefines performance and functionality instead of glitz and “body style.” And what is Apple planning for Snow Leopard? They are tweaking the engine to get that better performance and functionality, adding value instead of a better car audio system when the one it already has is already superior.

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