Dell’s downgrade to over 7-year-old Windows XP costs $21 more than new copy of Mac OS X Leopard

“Since the introduction of Windows Vista, Dell has been offering a downgrade option to Windows XP for its customers. The deadline for the downgrade option has been extended twice, and at this point costs more than a brand new copy of OS X Leopard,” Aviv Hadar reports for MacBlogz.

MacDailyNews Note: Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001. That’s just shy of 236 years old in “OS years.”

Hadar continues, “TG Daily points out that the Windows XP downgrade option is listed on Dell’s website with the Inspiron 1525 notebook and 530 desktops with a $150 price-tag…. Apple sells brand new versions of Mac OS X Leopard for $129 (single user – family pack is $199). If you’re in a tax-free state like Oregon, that’s exactly $21 less than Dell’s Windows XP downgrade option.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 8:10pm ET. Fixed “OS years” fsckup in Take and removed related comments to avoid confusion.]


  1. If PC consumers are stupid enough to pay for “two” OS’s when they buy there PC from Dull, then so be it. MS laughs because the deal requires Dull to pay for the Vista license, which the consumer pays for, then the consumer pays again for XP. Balmer laughs all the way to the bank.

    Freak’n stupid PC buyers.

  2. Very true that XP is older, but is matured and more useful than OSX.

    Despite, the added cost, Dell has better hardware such as their quadcore line which can be had for $800 with a real GPU..

    aapl’s current line up is a joke.. My iMac G5 is so internet slow that I disconnected it..

  3. @sinclap

    How old are you? Given your extremely poor writing skills, there’s no way you’re out of your mid-teens . . . hence your astonishing ignorance of the Dell/Windows TCO. (Look it up.)

    Nothing Dell offers is built to last or reliable in any respect, including the company itself. (Just ask Mike. He had to come out of retirement just to TRY to save his company. Good luck with that, Mike.)

    You get what you pay for, sinclap; it’s an undeniable fact of life. And it sounds as if you deserve what you have.

    P.S. My brother has a Dell from the days of “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” that is so slow he had to disconnect it from the internet . . . when it worked at all.

  4. Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001. That’s just shy of 236 years old in “OS years.”

    Mac OS X had been out since March 2001 (or September 1989 if you count NeXTStep), and is built on nearly 40-year-old Unix roots. How old are those in “OS years”??

    Why is 7-year-old Windows XP “bad”, but older OS X with decades-old roots “proven” and “good”?

    Let’s be more consistent in how age weighs as a factor.

    (Although Dell’s downgrade option is quite hilarious; imagine Apple offering System 6 as an option for new Macs).

  5. You have just insulted the aapl fan boys, due to having zero argument.

    My iMac G5 was a piece of junk when purchased on 11/04. Constant lemon issues. Several mother board, PS, HD, BT Module replacements plus the time and effort to haul down to aapl store.

    Has been such a lemon that aapl had to put a additional extended warranty on it..

    In contrast my 5 year old eMachine has been rock solid and has been delegated to storage and back up to the Dell Quadcore since March. My Sony Vaio laptop has also been rock solid for four years.

    The Current iMac 20 inch screen ones have junky quality screens and embarrasment for a premium priced product.

    My Dell has been rock solid since March. The innards are lot more substantial compared to what aapl puts in the iMac.

    You’re TCO is meaningless when people select their choices on the software they want to use.

  6. @other side,

    “Why is 7-year-old Windows XP “bad”, but older OS X with decades-old roots “proven” and “good”?”

    Because the UNIX kernel gets updated with every release of OS X. Windoze has a lot of the same code that was in there in 1998. Try to find code that dates back to 2001 in OS X let alone years earlier.

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