Could Steve Jobs save Microsoft?

“When Steve Jobs came back [to Apple], one of the first things he did was run a razor over the product lines, to make them easy to differentiate and easy to choose between,”Mark Webster blogs or The New Zealand Herald.

Now, “Microsoft is looking increasingly like Apple did in the mid ’90s. Which version of Vista would you like? Have fun choosing,” Webster writes. “Another factor may be security. Despite the half-decade struggle by Microsoft to protect Windows against malicious software, it’s spreading faster than ever. The New York Times says “As more business and social life has moved onto the Web, criminals thriving on an underground economy of credit card thefts, bank fraud and other scams rob computer users of an estimated $100 billion a year… There has been a 43 percent jump in malware removed from Windows computers just in the last half year. This is according to Microsoft’s own monitoring.”

Webster writes, “Microsoft’s latest ad campaigns were supposed to seize the initiative from Apple but they don’t look to have succeeded. Despite hiring maverick ad firm Crispin Porter & Bogusky (whose principles are Mac users, by the way) to run the campaign, it doesn’t seem to have made much impact. The agency’s latest idea is … ‘softwear.’ It’s T-shirts, geddit? Microsoft T-shirts. ‘Soft wear’. To me, that smacks of desperation. Where’s that razor when you need it?”

Full article here.

Microsoft ought to try selling Emperor Gates’ clothes instead; they’re still new, never been worn, and they’d generate 100% pure profit.


  1. Why save Microsoft. They are the source of switch customers that are dropping that turd Windows OS for OS X. Microsoft’s Office for Mac is all they have and they will become just another software vendor after Apple bleeds them dry of customers.

  2. dhdave, you sound like one of those armchair philosophers who get all trippy over questions like “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Microsoft is not a vacuum that needs to be filled.

  3. I say let Microsoft collapse under its own hubris and stupidity; but then again, ol’Bill will probably phone Billary or our new Sainted Emperor-President on his Zune and demand a handout from the Fed’s magical mystery money printing machine.

    Perhaps Steve could offer ex-MS employees the option to repent their sins and convert to Apple’s gospel for a better future instead?

  4. @Oltenaut

    And you darn well beat me to it!


    You too.


    If Microsoft is deserted because its former customers switch to Mac, is there anyone to hear its adverts?

  5. Vista is just the visible part of the MS iceberg.

    They have a lot of back office / server based products that most of us know little to nothing about. Some are almost decent.

  6. MS needs to close the book on the failed Zune experiment. They’re not even trying anymore, it’s sad. This xmas’s Zunes looks exactly like last xmas’s zunes. No innovation at all, just pathetic.

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