New would-be Mac cloner ‘OpeniMac’ rears its ugly head

“With unsanctioned clone maker Psystar still pushing its knock-off Macs in the face of ongoing litigation, another company is testing Apple’s legal resolve and treading on its trademarks in the process through sales of a pair of new ‘OpeniMac’ systems,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“It’s not immediately clear who’s behind the latest effort spotted by Engadget, but the Argentinean-based dealer has dubbed its systems the ‘OpeniMac’ despite their lack of an all-in-one design. It’s also constructed a snazzy website to promote them,” Lane reports.

Full article here.

OpeniMac’s website can be found here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacSmiley” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Caveat emptor multiplied by infinity.


  1. Not speaking the language limits the information I can get from the web site (DUH!), but it looks like this is close to the mini-tower configuration some of us have been advocating. Again, a LOT of information not available to mono-linguistic oafs like me. And, there was no mention of how loud it could get in operation.
    Apple will tell us if it’s any good. The speed of their response will let us know. If it’s garbage, they will take their time. If it’s an “Apple-like” model … is that the sound of a suit being filed?

  2. I don’t understand why Apple refuses to allow anyone without a Mac to install OSX. All Apple has to do is include a disclaimer in the install process absolving Apple of any responsibility for loss of data, incompatibilities, etc.

  3. While I was typing my multi-line epic, John said: Apple needs to stop being evil and allow people to install the software they buy on any computer the(y) want.
    That precise scenario will NOT happen. You put OSX on a $500 PC and you are going to have support problems. One of the reasons Apple does NOT have support problems is because they only support a limited assortment of good-quality equipment. I guess Apple could post a semi-restrictive list of “Mac-quality” parts so that cloners could build XP/Linux systems that could be upgraded to OSX with Apple’s blessing – but not support.

  4. ncvnb –

    You don’t understand because you clearly don’t have much experience in business or technology. Apple cannot sell a product and tell people “Hey, you bought it so do whatever floats your boat… oh, and by the way, we’re completely washing our hands of you.” It’s just not possible, especially from a legal standpoint. Not only that, but regardless of whether Apple denies any responsibility it is still their product and their reputation that will be tarnished when all these copies of Mac OS X are floating around blowing up on everyone’s generic unsupported hardware. How do you not see what a mess that would be?

  5. Go buy a pc. it’s not evil to insure your product is quality. And besides… you do realize how expensive that would be don’t you? F@$k the clones… buy a mini if you don’t want to spend, but want an Apple. Don’t want a mini and don’t want a macbook for some “professional” use… be a professional and buy better tools, the pro systems recoup their cost if you actually do any work on them.
    You forget all the people just stealing all the work that’s gone into os X. It’s out there… you could always be on of those A$$holes if you want, but you definitely get what you deserve.

  6. Apple has to quikcly build their new Mac lines with PA Semi’s special chips to differenciate Apple’s brend from any PCs.
    These so called Mac clones are only there by concurence purposes, tending to prove that Mac are just like PCs but sold “too expensive”.
    Apple has to show up with essential and technical singularities with still the hability to run any other OS but with an OS that will no more be instalable on other platforms.

  7. Tony thank you at last someone who gets it. If BMW sold its engines and said that ‘you are free to add them to any cars you like but without any responsibility on our part’ do people really think that when some prat puts one in a SMART car and ends up killing people as it lurches out of control that no one will hold BMW in any way responsible? The irony is that certain powers that be, seem to feel it perfectly acceptable to force Apple into a very similar position. Higher costs, slower development and lower profits- all enforced. Now who would benefit from that scenario I wonder?

  8. “when some prat puts one in a SMART car and ends up killing people as it lurches out of control”

    Automakers already sell crate engines. You can buy a BMW engine and do whatever you like with it.

    Secondly once any BMW is sold, you can pull the engine out of it and do whatever you like with it and BMW has no legal right to stop you. But they can refuse to honor any kind of warranty.

    So I think you’re right. Mac OS X should be more like a car engine. I’m glad you finally get it.

    The legal barriers you mention are a fantasy which exists in your mind only.

  9. Some of you are forgetting, or just don’t care, that the majority of Apple’s business is *not* OS X! That said, there is no chance of them spending the resources to make OS X work with generic hardware and why should they? Why reach the “masses” (vocal minority of geeks/penny pinchers, really) by allowing the sale of crappy computers with OS X installed that could very well tarnish the brand image they have painstakingly built! If you can’t afford a mac, or want to custom build one, buy Windows or put linux on it.

  10. Unless Steve has a change of heart, it’s unlikely he’ll allow Apple to license out its OS ever again. From his perspective it goes against the company’s entire design philosophy — Apple are in control of the whole widget, the whole experience. Afterall, one of MS’s greatest failings is that Windows constantly breaks on mismatched hardware and the like.

    Plus, remember, licensing can be very dangerous if there’s any fallout between the two parties involved as you’re giving a potential competitor your ‘Coke formula’. Now can you remotely imagine Steve accepting that?

    And, so far Steve’s strategy has not let them down, considering Apple is now in better health than any of its competitors.

    Either buy a Mac and enjoy the experience or pick up a Linux distro for your PCs, in the end. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  11. @Over Done
    It’s spelled Learjet, not Leer jet. I think there is an intelligence barrier in YOUR mind, and it’s not a fantasy.

    Or maybe you were speaking of the super-speedy voyeur?
    If you were writing about the high-velocity Peeping Tom, I apologise.

    You need to stop being evil and allow people to profit from YOUR labour, designs, production, and marketing of high-quality products, with no recompense to you.
    If you already do this, then I apologise for assuming otherwise.

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