Turn your Apple iPod touch into a phone with Truphone

Described by Apple itself as the ‘funnest’ iPod ever, the iPod touch may now be the ‘useful-est,’ too — thanks to free software, Truphone for iPod touch, that effectively turns one into a mobile phone.

Not only is the software free, but calls made using Truphone’s application for the iPod Touch are also Free; just in time to save precious cash when making those Christmas calls to friends and family.

Once installed, and with the addition of microphone adaptor (Microphone adaptor accessory via: Apple Store U.S.), an iPod touch owner can make free calls – no matter where any are in the world – to other iPod touch owners, to customers of Truphone’s Internet telephony service, and to users of the Google Talk™ instant messaging service.

Truphone for iPod touch will soon offer the following features:

• Making and receiving calls to and from landlines (PSTN) at low cost (simply set yourself up with a Truphone account)
• Instant messaging to Skype and MSN (free)
• Calling to Skype users (free)
• Calling to MSN users (free)
• Check and set facilities for Twitter (free)
• Check and set facilities for Facebook (free)

The software uses the iPod touch’s Wi-Fi connection to carry calls over the internet to its destination. There is no monthly line rental, no subscription or other hidden charges.

Truphone for iPod touch is available (free) via Apple’s App Store here.

Truphone is also available for iPhone (free) via Apple’s App Store here.

Truphone on Apple iPhone:


  1. Given the obvious need to connect via Wi-Fi, this hardly turns the iPod Touch into an iPhone. I lose my Wi-Fi connection before I even reach my apartment’s lobby. So perhaps it’s more accurate to say this software turns your iPod Touch into a land-line.

  2. TruPhone is nice, but no amount of various IM protocol support will bring it anywhere near the intuitiveness and simplicity of an ordinary phone. You dial the number, it rings on the other side; somebody dials your number, your phone rings. No special applications to run, no special log-in, no extra usernames/passwords. You turn your phone on, it’s ready to make and receive calls.

    This is the reason none of these Skype-type applications will ever achieve the popularity and ubiquity of the phone (which is over 130 years old!).

  3. I was one of those users who went to Europe the week after the original iPhone came out and came home to a $3200 bill from AT&T;. It wasn’t from wi-fi use, it was from roaming on a data network. Now iPhone software gives you the option of turning off roaming on a data network (and comes that way by default). Also, AT&T;now offers package data deals in Europe and many other places which made this year’s trip under $100 for data use.

  4. I’m looking for Apple to come out with a VOIP option for use on iPhone and/or iPod Touch via wifi. Why else would they have come out with earbuds with a microphone for the iPod touch (that don’t even work on the iPhone)

  5. So far not very good ratings on iTMS, and why in the heck can’t I get a microphone for my 1st Gen Touch? Give me a break. One of the reasons I got the Touch in the first place was to eventually be able to use Skype. There was a Microphone that used to work with first Gen. Touches before OS 2.x came out, but Apple seems to have disable that feature for those of us who took the time, trouble and expense to buy into the first Gen. There’s really no reason for Apple to disable the audio I/O capabilities on the first Gen. Touch – Bring it back fer crying out loud! And while we’re at this, how’s about an external keyboard for the iTouch – And don’t make it 2nd Gen. only!

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