David Pogue: Blackberry nuts are even nastier than Mac fans

“I learned something last week,” David Pogue blogs for The New York Times. “In my Times print column, I reviewed the BlackBerry Storm, by far the worst product Research in Motion has ever produced. I had problems with its concept, problems with its clicky touch screen, problems with its speed, and above all, problems with bugs. (which the company refused to acknowledge, even when I sent them videos of the phone acting up and even locking up.)”

“About 100 readers wrote to say that they had bought the Storm and now regretted it,” Pogue reports. He then goes on to provide some rather hilarious samples, including:

• It has been an absolute nightmare…

• I rushed out last week to try the new Storm–and was frustrated, confused and bewildered by the device…

• One of my co-workers, who is almost militant in his disdain for all things Apple, couldn’t wait to get his hands on a Storm. Lo & behold, 30 minutes later, he was trying to figure out a way to get his money back…

• The bottom line: BlackBerry has created the Zune of touchscreen phones.

There are many more in the full article. Pogue also reports, “About a dozen new Storm owners wrote to say that, while they, too, found some bugs and sluggishness, they liked the phone nonetheless. But I also heard from about a dozen people who have not tried the Storm, but nonetheless poured on me the Internet equivalent of molten lead.”

“I’ve always thought that that vocal sub-population of Mac fans make up the world’s most watchful, most hostile grass-roots lobbying arm,” Pogue writes. “But now I see that I was wrong. There’s an even nastier one: the BlackBerry nuts.”

Pogue gives some examples of email from the CrackBerry nuts, too, in the full article – highly recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: After numerous reviews from many disparate sources, the fact is that RIM’s ill-conceived Storm sucks.

Like every other device-maker not named Apple, RIM is years behind, trying to cut corners and missing them widely, in a desperate, futile attempt to catch up to iPhone.

The CrackBerry nuts really need to relax, leave respected reviewers alone, take some time to get used to the new world order, and start praying that the right Steve wants to buy what’s left of RIM after the market drives the company’s price down deep into the discount bin along with all of those rapidly-returned Storms.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]


  1. Reading the comments on The New York Times site for his story, one person mentions that you can now update the BlackBerry software from the shipping V.65 to V.75.

    It does not have V1.0 software???
    Seems people got sucked into buying beta version software.

  2. “David Pogue” is a RESPECTED reviewer for MDN and others (including me) because he is well-informed about Apple products. He obviously reviews other tech products, but he generally does not make inaccurate statements (about Apple stuff) out of ignorance OR lack of attention to detail OR plain laziness to “look it up.” He also does not spin the facts (or lie through omission) to suit whoever is writing his paycheck.

    I don’t know about his depth of knowledge for RIM products, but it is not a double-standard for an editorial (as in expressing a specific opinion) web site like MDN to “respect” some reviewers and call others idiots. If you want your news straight, without the editorial content, there are plenty of Apple news aggregation web sites that just link to the news item.

    Personally, I like MDN more because they express an opinion, whether you agree with it or not. I tend to agree…

  3. Ronald, I have read plenty of articles by David Pogue calling out Apple for shortcomings. While he has been a steadfast supporter of Apple over the years, what separates David from his contemporaries is not just his writing talent, but his insight. I’ve met David several times, sat in on seminars that he’s conducted, read countless books and articles by him. David is a bright guy, and takes time to really understand his subject matter, instead of the drive-by garbage that passes as articles today. But if David sees a flaw, he’ll cite it. He is a gentleman, and typically dishes out criticism politely. But his manner of doing so gets heard in Cupertino. That is why he is both trusted and respected.

    That he slammed the Blackberry Storm should tell you something – that it reflects a product hastily brought to market in response to the tremendous reception to the iPhone.

    Don’t get me wrong. I use both a Blackberry and an iPhone. The Blackberry isn’t the glossy, addictive device that the iPhone is. In fact, as soon as my contract runs out, I’ll thank RIM and ditch it in favor of my iPhone. In my experience, my Blackberry does email well. Its keyboard is quick to use. But its browser is pathetic, and adding apps is a nightmare. Plumbing its depths is not for the weak of heart. In short, it’s a great device for men who wear ties and heavily starched shirts.

    But I have seen the future, and it’s the iPhone. I’ve gotten up to speed with typing, and find the iPhone is a much more enjoyable email, calendaring and all-around mobile device. Its software is light years ahead of the Blackberry, period. Apps are a joy. It is far more reliable. In a very short period of time, my iPhone has become indispensable to me.

    So to say that David Pogue is Steve Jobs’ bitch, I must disagree. My experience (and I tested the Blackberry Storm – it was a nightmare) parallels that of David’s. Spend some time with David as I have, and I think you could quickly agree with me.

    Have a nice day.

  4. What? Those RIM jobs are worse than us? We can’t let this happen! Quick, let’s flame Pogue! We want to be the worst, the most zealous, the most frightening group on the ‘net.

  5. @Superior Being, correct. Apple is one of the few companies that doesn’t need competition to excel. It is always trying to outdo itself (the only true competition it has, anyway)

  6. The funniest comment posted on the NY Times article was the first one by Jared:

    “David, David, David, when will you learn? There will always be a backlash when you say anything negative about products from companies named after fruit… “

  7. – With respect to Mr Pogue (notice the double “that” in the first line)

    I’ve always thought that that vocal sub-population of Mac and BlackBerry fans make up the world’s most watchful, most hostile grass-roots lobbying arm, but now I see that I was wrong.
    There’s an even nastier one, the Despotic Nazi Spelling Nuts. – and they are on the loose!”

    Thank you! That drives me nuts in the same way as the people that use apostrophes to pluralize words. Take a farking English class!<

    Syntax. Take a farking grammar class! Jimithy.

    Also – it’s not a typo, IS correct. Go to the back of the class Jimithy and put ON that pointed hat with a big ‘D’ ON<

    Is ron, is don, is good! is on on.

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