Google Calendar now supports Apple iCal

“The Google Calendar team is proud to announce the public release of our support for the CalDAV protocol. You can now use Apple iCal with your Google Calendar, so you can work even when you’re offline, sync almost instantly, respond to invitations from others and see the free/busy data of your friends and coworkers,” David Besbris, Google Engineering Director, reports via The Official Google Mac Blog.

“We launched CalDAV support to our developers last July for feedback, and since that time a few of us whipped up a nifty setup program for iCal,” Besbris repots.

“This tool makes it a breeze to get iCal working with your Google account,” Besbris reports. “We’ve released this as open source and the program is available for download at our Google Code site.”

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  1. Been using this a while now. The problem is that iCal has some very awkward limitations on CalDAV calendars. For starters, you cannot edit these calendars at all with an iPhone. Which wouldn’t be so bad if once you got to the desktop you could simply move events over to one of the CalDAV calendars. But you can’t. That’s unfortunate. It makes this development a moot point for iPhone users.

    Alright Apple, Google is jumping on the CalDAV wagon, it’s time for you to fully support it as well. Across all your platforms. Bring that good old fshioned Apple useability to it. Please.

  2. I’m sure this is great if you use Google calendars, but I’m more excited for Exchange calendar support in Snow Leopard. I can’t wait to drop the slow, bloated dreck that is Entourage.

  3. Not good enough.

    Two-way synchronization would be nice – the ability to push data from your iCal accounts to Google Calendar.

    All this does is to make easier setting up the old way to connect iCal with Google Calendar.

    What’s new? Sorry, not impressed.

  4. I have been using BusySync ( for about a year now to do this with great results. I am a Mac user, but my assistant has a PC. She and I both manage my calendar with BusySync running on my iMac. I use iCal on my iMac as usual, and she makes changes in the Google Calendar that syncs with my iCal calendar. This is a very elegant solution that works well. Lawrence

  5. If you’re business customer who sends calendar invitations to its customers, don’t waste your time. Google Apps (even the so-called enterprise solution) forces iCal calendar invitations to use Google branding — which can appear very tacky when you have a reputation to maintain for your clientele.

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