Apple now accepting orders for new iPod in-ear headphones

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic - Apple Store (U.S.)“Apple this week began accepting orders for a pair of new headphone options designed for iPods, nearly three months after the accessories were first announced at a September media event,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The Apple online store is now reflecting availability of the $79 Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic within 7-10 business days, while the $29 Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic carry a 3-4 week wait, and thus may not ship in time for the holidays,” Oliver reports.

“At $79, the premium headphones include independent woofer and tweeter drivers, which should stand up to comparable dual driver headphones that usually sell for three or four times as much, according to Apple,” Oliver reports.

Full article, with photos, here.

Order your Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic via the US Apple Store here.

Via Apple Store Canada here.


  1. How about some rumors on what is coming up at Macworld. We have not read anywhere what is coming up. Get on it MDN, hell, I want my stock in crisis again.

  2. “Could anyone explain why these wouldn’t work with the iPhone?”

    cuz everything about the launch of this product has been a mess. i believe this is why they don’t like to pre-announce products. but yeah, how can they NOT have an iPhone version of this? Like the iPhone 2.0 software rollout, a very un-apple product launch and experience. Me thinks they are a little stretched in Cupertino these days.

  3. “that could lead to deafness”

    Actually, quite the opposite.

    Because these are passively sound isolating, they may help block out even louder noise (traffic, busses, construction) and allow you to listen to your music at relatively low volumes.

    Before I got my in-hear headphones for my iPod, when I was using on-ear ones, I would typically have my volume at about 70% on my iPod when I was near traffic or taking the bus (read: most of the time that I was using it). I would often find that what was a comfortable volume ON the bus, was too loud OFF the bus and vice versa, which was one of the things that made me crave an exterior volume control. Now, with in-ear headphones, I set my iPod at 50% volume (which is what most specialists recommend as the maximum to prevent ear damage) and can hear it really well, and it’s the same whether I’m standing next to construction, sitting on the bus, or walking on a lonely road. This not only virtually removes my need to constantly adjust the volume, but also means I’m pumping that much less noise (both from my iPod and from the outside world) into my ears.

    So far from causing deafness, these should in fact help prevent it compared to standard headphones, provided you use them responsibly.

    – Jacob

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