After RIM’s Storm in a teacup, Nokia preps N97 ‘iPhone killer’

“Nokia officially took the wraps off its mystery smartphone on Tuesday at the Nokia World 2008 conference in Barcelona, Spain,” Bonnie Cha reports for CNET.

“Part of the company’s high-end N series of multimedia computers, the N97 trumps all previous models with a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard and a tilting 3.5-inch touch screen,” Cha reports. “The N97 includes phone capabilities and is designed for the ‘needs of Internet-savvy consumers.'”

“The Home screen can be personalized with widgets of favorite Web and social-networking sites,” Cha reports. “The N97 is fully compatible with Nokia’s Ovi Internet services, which include the Nokia Music Store, Nokia Maps, and the N-Gage gaming platform–though these services have yet to fully launch in the United States.”

“The Nokia N97 is expected to ship in Europe during the first half of 2009, with an estimated price of 550 euros ($695),” Cha reports. “There is no official word on when we’ll see the N97 stateside. Heck, we’re still waiting for the Nokia N96.”

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Claudine Beaumont reports for The Telegraph, “Nokia has also promised that it will follow the lead of Apple, Google and Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry, by making it easier for third-party developers to write additonal software and programs for Nokia handsets… The N97 runs the Symbian operating system.”

“Nokia, which has more than a billion customers worldwide, faces stiff competition from newcomers to the mobile phone market, such as Apple, with its hugely popular iPhone, and even Google, which has helped to develop the open-source Android operating system that will be running on several phones next year, and which promises to bring the desktop computing experience to mobile devices,” Beaumont reports.

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Yawn. Seriously, just look at that thing. Simply put, Apple has unmercifully and utterly outclassed an entire industry.


  1. It’s true the Iphone:

    Until another phone manufacturer comes up with a better phone os than osX that’s easy to program for and develops an App Store/iTunes combo that beats Apple’s, I can’t see their offering being an ‘iPhone killer’. The iPhone is more than just the device itself.

    Apple needs no outside motivation. It’s in a race with itself.

    As for Apple Steve Jobs said the iphone half decade ahead, it’s still hold true today. Here in Hong Kong we get the unlock Iphone so it can be use on any netwwork.

  2. Hey, unscrew the bottom and take it away and paint the top black and you have what?…an iPhone without any real intuitive software or apps. These Nokia guys are geniuses!!!
    Fits right into the revolutionary trash can category. Man, that thing is so thick and generic looking, I wouldn’t even pick it up for fear of getting handcuffed by the fashion police.

  3. At least it’s not black! I guess all that “Tube” criticism got to them.

    Does anyone know if it’s still using a resistive touch screen or capacitative?

    As for @JohnLee’s story, that was an unsubstantiated rumor. Do you really think Apple can shift inventory on such short notice? Don’t you think it would have been easier to dispose of them in the US market where they have their own retail outlets?

  4. When it goes to Apple’s Produces why do punters alway use the “iPhone Killer” or “iPod Killer” terms? Do they honestly think that some follow the leader company is going to introduce such a revolutionary new product that hordes of people are going to switch from their iPhones or iPods and line up to buy it?
    Nokia’s N97 and RIM Storm while might offer competition to the iPhone are both flawed products rush to market to try and hang on to customer that they have. Neither Smart Phone is targeted at attaching new customers, they are desperate attempts at keeping the customers they have by giving them a product with similar looks and similar functions of an iPhone, while attempting to give the punters some feature or trick (no matter how ill conceived or poorly implemented) to get them to talk about how great the product is and how it’s better then the iPhone. Perfect Example is RIM’s Storm and it’s click screen. It’s address the lack of feed back that you get with the iPhone. Ok so the Storm’s touch screen is a giant button.. well go look at the post release reviews and customer comments.. My take on it is RIM rushed the Storm to market without addressing or even looking at the devices major design flaws. (1) the gap around the screen that allows crap directly onto the internal components of the phone. I see battery fire issues in RIMs future. (2) the click screen and the force needed to get the click. Did they do any testing of different buttons to find one that had a click but need the right amount of pressure to feel good when you type on the screen? No, the design engineer picked a button that clicked and suited the circuit so that’s what RIM when with. (3) The Storm had no usability QE and little to no input from real product testers. (4) putting force (to click a button) on a component like the Screen requires structural wear testing something RIM could not have done based on the number of broken screen reports on the internet. I’m not even going to cover the fact that the Storm when released wasn’t supported by RIM’s own Enterprise Push Email Server Gateway Software and RIM had no date or plans to release and update so the Storm would work with it. So, it wasn’t and still isn’t even an enterprise ready RIM Blackberry.
    The Nokia N97 is another rushed out product many design and usability issues. (1) Symbian OS Phone, (2) the phone is heavy (3) The Phones General Fit and Finish is poor, The actual released one might be have a better fit and finish only time will tell.

  5. While competition is a good motivator for Apple, the Nokia N97 and it’s ecosystem is not competition for the iPhone.

    If anything, it may make Apple complacent, as it shows just how far behind Nokia is.

    Perhaps that is Nokia’s plan. Maybe they have a real iPhone contender on the drawing boards.

    The N97 is just an embarrassment.

  6. actually i find it practical and perhaps it can be more productive than the iphone, the iphone is nice to entertainment, but if you would ever need to type something long with it, it will be a nightmare. Instead, think about the ports of opensource apps to nokia, like openoffice, or others, you could actually use the device to work while you are on the way home or whetever.
    It’s good to have competition, although I like apple i don’t like the wide use of plastic and poisonous chemicals in the iphone… won’t buy it

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