After RIM’s Storm in a teacup, Nokia preps N97 ‘iPhone killer’

“Nokia officially took the wraps off its mystery smartphone on Tuesday at the Nokia World 2008 conference in Barcelona, Spain,” Bonnie Cha reports for CNET.

“Part of the company’s high-end N series of multimedia computers, the N97 trumps all previous models with a slide-out full QWERTY keyboard and a tilting 3.5-inch touch screen,” Cha reports. “The N97 includes phone capabilities and is designed for the ‘needs of Internet-savvy consumers.'”

“The Home screen can be personalized with widgets of favorite Web and social-networking sites,” Cha reports. “The N97 is fully compatible with Nokia’s Ovi Internet services, which include the Nokia Music Store, Nokia Maps, and the N-Gage gaming platform–though these services have yet to fully launch in the United States.”

“The Nokia N97 is expected to ship in Europe during the first half of 2009, with an estimated price of 550 euros ($695),” Cha reports. “There is no official word on when we’ll see the N97 stateside. Heck, we’re still waiting for the Nokia N96.”

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Claudine Beaumont reports for The Telegraph, “Nokia has also promised that it will follow the lead of Apple, Google and Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry, by making it easier for third-party developers to write additonal software and programs for Nokia handsets… The N97 runs the Symbian operating system.”

“Nokia, which has more than a billion customers worldwide, faces stiff competition from newcomers to the mobile phone market, such as Apple, with its hugely popular iPhone, and even Google, which has helped to develop the open-source Android operating system that will be running on several phones next year, and which promises to bring the desktop computing experience to mobile devices,” Beaumont reports.

Full article here.

Yawn. Seriously, just look at that thing. Simply put, Apple has unmercifully and utterly outclassed an entire industry.


  1. I actually find it appealing, but I see no reason to replace my iPhone– especially as the iPhone continues to improve with age. It will be interesting to see what Apple does with iPhone 3.0, though. All this competition is good.

  2. Yes, “Yawn”! It took those guys 2 years to come up with a old school smart phone with a big screen.

    And good luck with that Symbian operating system app development program and store. How long are we holding our breath for Nokia to copy parts of what people can get now from Apple? Clueless idiots!

  3. Yes, competition is good, but does it really matter in the case of Apple? Their products are all far ahead of the competition, yet they still innovate and improve. I posit that they are not trying to beat the competition–they did that long ago–or even keep ahead. They just like cool stuff and seem to delight in seeing what they can come up with next.

    The little sleep light that pulses on and off when you close a new MacBook or MacBook Pro is a case in point. When it’s off you can’t see it; only the aluminum case is visible. It effectively disappears because it’s a series of microscopic holes laser drilled in the case. Did they need to do this? No, but they did it because they can and it’s cool.

    Apple needs no outside motivation. It’s in a race with itself.

  4. Finally! Someone ships a bulky phone for over $700! Who can I write my check out to. Wait!?! What!?! You saying I have to wait 6 months for this priviledged device?!? I know, if I start putting away $100/month…DAMN! I’ll still be short when it’s released…

  5. The all chrome look is attractive, but that’s about it. This is all good because it also keeps Apple upping their innovations each year and that’s great.

    Until another phone manufacturer comes up with a better phone os than osX that’s easy to program for and develops an App Store/iTunes combo that beats Apple’s, I can’t see their offering being an ‘iPhone killer’. The iPhone is more than just the device itself.

  6. While you are correct it is not always about features. Case and point: apple announced the new ipod nano and was planning on keeping the 4gb model. But due to the zune announcement a few days earlier apple ditched the 4 and gave everyone 2x the storage for 1/2 the price. And the 4gb nanos cropped up at random stores and overseas until stock was out.

    If apple wasn’t forced to do this by competition please tell me.

    From, competition is good

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