CNBC’s Jim Goldman: The shorts will finally leave Apple alone in 2009

Apple Online StoreCNBC’s Jim Goldman has posted some predictions for 2009, one of which focuses on Apple:

Apple’s Steve Jobs will unveil something “awesome,” “elegant,” “cool,” and “beautiful” at MacWorld in San Francisco in January. Two weeks later, when Apple announces earnings, the company will soundly beat its paltry guidance, and the Street’s expectations as well. And the shorts will realize that their time and effort is better spent on a company truly weak, rather than trying to weaken a company so truly strong.

Eight more predictions in the – recommended – full article, including “Palm gets acquired by Dell,” here.


  1. Palm + Dell = Pall?

    a cloth spread over a coffin, hearse, or tomb.
    • figurative a dark cloud or covering of smoke, dust, or similar matter : a pall of black smoke hung over the quarry.
    • figurative something regarded as enveloping a situation with an air of gloom, heaviness, or fear : torture and murder have cast a pall of terror over the villages.

    That works for me!

  2. How about Jobs introduces one piece of hardware that runs on OS X. It’d have a touch screen.

    It’s an iPod. It’s a phone. It’s an internet device!

    I’ll bet they’d sell literally hundreds of them! Maybe one day they’d even take down mighty Windows Mobile!!!!!!!

  3. Jim Goldman: The shorts will finally leave Apple alone in 2009

    Depends how rest of the economy fares. I’m not expecting too many bright spots for ’09.

    And the shorts will realize that their time and effort is better spent on a company truly weak

    cough, MSFT, ahem…

  4. they’ll blow it,

    if by blowing it you mean selling millions of them and growing the market share when others are stagnating or declining (see: MacBook, or MBP), then they’ll surely blow it… out of the water.

  5. You’ve posted one of the most prevelant misconceptions about the Feb 2009 switch. It’s to digital, not HD. A very large number of broadcasts will still be in SD and will therefore either not fill your HD screen or will be distorted and pixelated to do so.

  6. Hi, kids. It’s your old buddy, gravity. You know, the mysterious force that keeps your feet on the ground. It appears that some of you are getting giddy and light-headed again, spewing wild speculation about what happens each January when Steve Jobs takes the stage at MacWorld. In the weeks and days leading up to the big event, some of you attempt to come up with prognostications that defy well, gravity. Some of these can already be seen above.

    Now, normally, I would excuse this as too much indulgence in high-sugar, highly caffeinated beverages, oncoming puberty and outright silly immaturity. But when these silly figments of your imagination turn into blogs, and blogs get picked up by Wall Street media, and speculation rises, well you get the idea. You silly twits are setting up Apple stock for a body slam, given that you have raised expectations for the stock’s price beyond comprehension. And that’s exactly when the short sellers and hedge funds come in.

    So, to those of you who think Apple will or should do this or that, do the rest of the world a favor and refrain from such public discourse. Otherwise, I can increase the amount of gravitational pull from that of 1G to say, oh, may that of Jupiter. Not only will that bring you back down to Earth, but will also crush you like a pancake. That is, if the short sellers haven’t done that to you already.

    In short: shaddup, you chowderheads. Keep your pants on. We’re in a recession, in case you hadn’t noticed. And that’s all the more reason for a company like Apple to tread cautiously.

    I’ll be watching you. So be good, for goodness sake.

  7. Apple’s stock going to get body slammed in 2009.

    1: they insist on being a consumer company and the consumer is tightening their wallets like never before, no presence in corporate space.

    2: Apple doesn’t seem to be introducing products that solve a problem or create a way to benefit/profit anymore, just pricy toys.

    3: Apple doesn’t seem to care about annoying glossy displays, rather catering to the environmentalists that glass screens are more “green”. This turns off a lot of seasoned and pro computer users.

    4: Apple has a lot of stores and employees and a high R&D;that will burn through a lot of that spare billions they keep under their beds. But will it get them through a 10 year recession? That is the question.

    5: Apple still thinks it sets the trend, but if the consumer decides the trend is something “that just does the job” a $600 Windows Vista machine is a heck of a lot cheaper than a $3000 MacBook Air. So expect sales to drop like a rock and stay there. If Dell is hurting, Apple will be hurting even more.

    HP is the new Dell. Just like Dell was the new Gateway and so forth.

    Apple just lives in the fast lane of a great going economy, grabs all the cash it can and then goes dormant.

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