Apple’s iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod touch hits 10,000 apps mark

Apple Online Store
“Two services that track the iPhone App Store – AppShopper and 148Apps, announced on Saturday that there have been over 10,000 iPhone applications released on the US App Store,” Raven Zachary reports for O’Reilly Radar.

“The number of currently available applications is just shy of 10,000 due to discontinued apps and a few that have been pulled by Apple (e.g. trademark disputes, terms of service violations, etc.). AppSherpa believes that it will only be a few more days until there are 10,000 iPhone applications available for sale on the US App Store. Total international App Store numbers are not being tracked by anyone outside of Apple, as far as I can tell,” Zachary reports.

Zachary also notes, “The most expensive application currently for sale is iRa by Lextech Labs for $899.99. This is video surveillance application that integrates with a number of CCTV systems.”

More in the full article here.


  1. Wasn’t Microsoft sending out press releases in fear this summer that touted Windows Mobile and its 18,000 applications? Looks like the iPhone will surpass that by spring 2009.

  2. I don’t get it. Why would they include the most expensive app without telling us the cheapest one too?!? How about one below free, where they pay you to buy it?

  3. The difference between WinMo’s 18,000 apps is that on any individual handset, only 2,000 to 3,000 are applicable. As you know, all apps in the App Store work with both versions of the iPhone, and just about all of them work with the iPod touch.

    Notably popular apps like Ocarina do not yet work with the touch, though in their demo Stairway video, the one person on the left is clearly playing a touch with headphone mic attached.

  4. I often wonder about app compatibility with future iPhones and touches. What if Apple decided to expand the screen real estate to 3.7 inches? What if they come out with a 5″ iPod touch? Will the apps be compatible, will they have to be altered or is the iPhone and iPod touch forever stuck at 3.5″ for the sake of continuity?

  5. How do you find these 10,000 apps? As I labor through long lists on the itunes store app on my phone I only get a few hundred. What are the good review sites? I have looked for those and found only short lists of favorites.

  6. RonthWombat,
    I know about that site. I meant by going to the App Store itself. For example, if you go to Apple’s Dashboard Widget Download page, you see at the bottom of the Top 50 list the number of total Widgets available. I’m assuming then that these web sites just have someone count every freakin’ app in the store.

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